Why Do I Keep Dreaming About the Same Person?

Relationships are all around us. In our modern world, we can communicate with people through text messages or even Facebook messenger.

It is not surprising when you have a dream of somebody you know or don’t repeat. You may find in your dream that you have a dream of a certain person you do not know. This might happen over and over again. My name is Flo and I’m here to give you guidance on what it means when you keep dreaming of the same person. As I’ve already outlined it’s very much focused on relationships. Relationships to some degree are choices that we make in life. The choice of relationship is lost in relation to our family. We all know that relationships can bring a sadness, happiness, and well-being. But, above all, relationships can help us feel like we belong in life. I have broken this dream meaning down and covered everything you need to know about this dream.

I’m going to go over what the dream of someone you know might actually means from a social perspective, as well as a psychological and weave in the spiritual dream interpretation. I know it is worrying having the same dream of the same person but there is a reason why you keep having the same repetitive dream. From a spiritual perspective, dreaming of the same person in many ancient dream texts indicates your own psyche. Even though you may see somebody else in the dream that “someone” could be a reflection of yourself. The dream needs to be further analyzed in terms of what the person was actually doing in the dream. The dream itself is normally about your own passion, enterprise, initiative, and happiness. When you dream of more than one person repetitively it indicates you’re ready for action, perhaps in a social context. If you have a dream of the same person multiple nights – then it is important to take note as it is important symbolism.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about the same person

Dreams about the same person spiritually are often about our inner connection, especially if you know them in waking life. If this is a love interest it is not uncommon to dream of the person over and over again, this is due to spiritually connecting with them on a different plane. The dream itself could be due to peace and satisfaction in your life. You need to ask yourself how you make connections with the person that you could see in the dream. Turning to Carl Jung he clarified dreams of the same person over and over as an introversion and extroversion experience, in that the reason is because of attachment to that person in waking life.

Jung believed that as humans we have an unconscious attachment to a person due to our own personal growth. The relationship between our spiritual self and the same person in your dream is about wanted and unwanted things. If someone does not care for us, whatever we do in life, either good or bad then they may appear in our dreams. If you dream of the same person spiritually and you appreciate them it could just subconsciously mean you have a spiritual tie or connection to them.

Spiritually the dream of seeing the same person could mean that you need to cut the cords of attachment energetically and spiritually with the person you keep dreaming about over and over. If the person is not in your existing life then this could be a soul that has crossed over. When I was small my Father taught me mantra and instructed me to envisage a white light around me to protect my auric field. This is to create psychic protection, there is magic in connection in the way we think. There is also a focus on divine guides for focusing on our energy, and we pass spiritual-energetic cords in ways to other human beings for the greater good.

There is no denying that if you have had a connection with someone in real life then these cords mean you have personal power when it comes to dreaming of the same person all the time. There is something significant on a spiritual level with this person, even if you don’t know them I recommend cutting the cords. We form emotional bonds with people that can offer us safety, security and we become attached to people. The cords to humans are normally positive but can also be negative.

When someone expresses hatred to you they transmit this energy spiritually to our soul – and it is important to remove the cords. If you cut a negative cord then this results in that negative energy being removed. If you dream of the same person it could spiritual mean that you need to discharge this flow of negative energy by cord-cutting. 

What is the reason you keep dreaming of the same person?

To keep dreaming of the same person is connected to our own relationships in life. It is all about making relationship decisions. Often, when people write to me about this dream it is because you are not making a decision to pursue a relationship in life. Perhaps by default, you have a relationship with the person presented in the dream in waking life. If it’s friends and family then it can indicate your relationship – good or bad. Perhaps you feel this person is close to you. If it is a partner it could be that they are annoying you or being unfaithful. Consequently, I will say that it is generally a situation or issue that is playing on your mind. The most important element to understand is that you have a decision in every single relationship you hold in life. If you keep dreaming for example of your spouse then it can indicate your emotions and your physical well-being. It could imply that perhaps you are on some emotional journey, encountering distress or abuse from somebody in real life. I can remember somebody’s sent me a message because they were repetitively dreaming of their boss. It was clear after having a discussion with this particular lady that she wanted to expand and grow her career. The prominence of her boss in the dream, therefore, signified that she was taken on more than she could handle in a work context. So that is to give you a flavor of what this dream could mean. Before I move into each interpretation of “specific people” in this dream. I would like to outline that every relationship you have in life your own choice.

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about the same person?

On many rare occasions you could dream of somebody because of what I call a spiritual connection while you sleep. Me and my best friend for example sometimes ring each other at the same time because we’re both thinking about each other. Everybody in life has a connection energetically and spiritually. These are generally known as cords of attachment. Whoever we encounter in life we have some type of connection. It could be this dream presented itself because you hold an energetic “cord” and it stretched to that person in your sleep.

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There is much information online about cutting the spiritual chords with golden scissors or angels for example. This is normally done through meditation, there are guided meditations on youtube, and after one normally cuts the cords to a person that they are thinking about, normally this person contacts you. What I am trying to say is that it is cutting Karmic ties. The reason I mention this is because if you are dreaming of a person that you dislike or has caused you pain and anguish in your life then it could be you need to cut because this person fully away using the cutting cord meditation.

What do recurring dreams about someone mean?

Dreams naturally about someone can elate to major problems, recurring dreams are particularly important. It is possible that the subconscious mind isn’t responding to a message about a major life issue as recurring dreams regarding this particular person. You may have the same dream over and over again. Sometimes the content is different, but the sequence of dreams is the same. If you notice a consistent theme in your dreams of a particular person, it may be helpful to make notes about your life. Look for a pattern in your dreams that you can link to the content. You might dream about kissing the same person in different dreams for example. It might be a huge kiss or a peak on the cheek. Start to understand what your dreams are trying to say to you. What is this person trying to tell you in the dream?

Are you dreaming about somebody that you are missing in real life?

Often, we dream of the same person over and over if we are missing them. There are different characteristics that may be materializing in the dream. For example, if you’re missing your lover you may dream that he is cheating on you with another woman night after night. It could be that you are looking for a text message or email message from somebody in real life and you keep dreaming of them. Relationships are definitely very difficult and complex and if you are missing somebody in real life and it is not uncommon to dream of them.

What does it mean to keep dreaming of an old boyfriend?

An old boyfriend can sometimes appear in your dream when you are feeling anxious about your current relationships. I know myself I’ve had repetitive dreams about a certain ex-partner. Relationships can be somewhat complex whether we are just falling in love or even infatuated by one of our ex-partners. I’m not saying you’re infatuated with your boyfriend but having this dream can indicate there is a current relationship you need to analyze. This could be a friendship or alternatively a relationship that you are currently in. Whatever or whoever is to blame for the breakup of your relationship can come crop up in our dreams – sometimes you relive the past through your own subconscious mind while sleeping.

Dreaming of your boyfriend repetitively can also indicate that you may not be in agreement with this person, perhaps you feel victimized by your breakup. Finding a way to overcome the relationship heartache, or even just forgetting about this partnership is all about meditating and separating yourself energetically. I will say you cannot change anybody including your ex-boyfriend and he also cannot change you. I will say that even though you’ve chosen a new life it might just be a matter of “time” when these dreams will disappear. It may be easier for you just to forgive your ex-boyfriend and let him move on through meditation. On the flipside, this dream could just be your subconscious mind reliving the past. Especially if you were happy and in love with your ex-boyfriend during the dream. It is impossible for me to say the reason why your dream occurred. Only you will deep down know why you are repetitively dreaming of your ex-boyfriend. I have outlined only just a few ideas but the best way to deal with this dream is to try to move on.

You may feel that it’s your ex-boyfriend’s fault that you separated or that you are unable to understand what went wrong in the relationship, therefore, reliving it in your dream. Seeing an ex-boyfriend over and over again can play on our minds. I will say though it is important to forgive your old boyfriend and let him go spiritually as you have far better things waiting for you.

What does it represent dreaming of the same person over and over?

Dreaming of the same person repetitively can suggest that you need to create boundaries with somebody. For example, when we have children boundaries very important. Whatever relationship we have boundaries are really important. There could be different systems in place in your life where boundaries have taken shape. It could indicate that in your dream you been challenged in the real world and this person (if known) has either put up a wall or has upset you. Putting it in a different content, if you keep dreaming of the same person repetitively it can indicate the somebody waking life is moving over the boundaries of your acceptance. You may not know this consciously. To have a friendly relationship for example with your ex-partner indicates that somebody has perhaps caused you pain. This can often result in you dreaming of the same person over and over again. If this person is unknown then it from a spiritual perspective it is a warning to evaluate where you are now. Try to make sure you’re on target. Have you defined the goals that you wish to achieve? If you keep dreaming of this same person that you know then this is a reflection of the relationship it can indicate maybe a stressful atmosphere which has recently occurred. My advice is to try to work something out in your mind about this particular person.

What does it mean to keep dreaming of somebody who is dead or has died recently?

Dreaming of someone who is deceased indicates you might be at a crossroads. If they have died recently then the bereavement process is often connected to how we deal with our subconscious mind. Adapting to bereavement can be quite the difficult process. Making sense of the death can sometimes reflect our psyche. Facing grief is never a nice process in life. At any one time, I read there are 30 million people suffering from bereavement. If you keep dreaming of somebody who has died but they seem to be alive in your dream it can indicate that you are either missing them or that there is no-one around to answer your questions. Seeing someone dead in a dream is a taboo subject. At the end of the day, it does not matter when this person passed away (maybe recently or ten years ago) dreaming of someone who has died is a response to the fact that something important has occurred in your life. So, important that you are still dreaming about this lost person on a nightly basis.

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We have to go through what I call a process of learning after losing someone (no matter how long ago) it can be hard to change and adapt. If somebody closely related to you has died you will quickly realize that your dreams may reflect your personal loss. Unfortunately, in our subconscious mind, the death of a loved one brings about emotions. Just like a chain of events in our mind. If the bereavement was recent and you’re still dealing with inquests, funeral directors, and even solicitors then it is not uncommon to keep dreaming of the person passed away. If this person was a parent, such as your Mother even though she’s passed the experience can clearly be associated with the loss that you are feeling of that caring relationship. Unfortunately, sometimes when somebody dies it forces us to step into an unknown world of chaos.

What happens when we keep dreaming of someone that died recently?

Someone dying in your life is a huge hurdle to overcome and can affect our dreams. Going to hospitals, solicitors funeral directors is chaotic. We might need to make some very important decisions but our mind is not thinking in the right way. This is why through bereavement it is very common for us to dream of the person that we’ve lost. Dreaming of your Mother or Father who died is again rather common and you might find that it will just take time in order for you to overcome your grief. Sometimes our subconscious mind denies the fact that somebody is dead. Sometimes our brains can just refuse to accept that it really is happening or has happened. And this is why we sometimes still keep dreaming of somebody that has passed away. Especially as there is family relative. Blessings to you and sorry for your loss.

What does it mean to dream of someone and it becomes a complete nightmare?

Nightmares are never the nicest dreams to experience. To dream of somebody in a nightmare over and over again can often bring about feelings of confusion in waking life. Perhaps that’s why you’re here. Nightmares can be a a hugely charged event in our life. And when they occur can leave us feeling perplexed or even too confused to process the information from them. For example, you might see yourself winning a contest against the same person over and over again, this person could be a mass murderer or axeman. I don’t know. I just chose that for you to understand that the “nightmare” could happen every night for a range of reasons. Normally nightmares only occur when we are under an immense amount of stress. Unfortunately, you cannot control your nightmares but you can overcome them with the right way of thinking. It is important for you to look at the actual material that appeared in the nightmare. Did you know this particular person? If you do know them what kind of relationship do you have with them in waking life? Perhaps the nightmare stays with you during the next day? There are basically two types of nightmares that occur. Firstly, you might have the same nightmare with similar themes and elements again and again and again. Secondly you may experience nightmares a few times a week for a couple of months. Repetitive nightmares is all about emotional boundaries. It means that you are suffering a traumatic experience and this could be in connection with the person you dreamed of in the nightmare. If you don’t know this person and it can indicate a relationship with somebody in real life may be challenging. Even though the person in your dream may appear to be unknown it could represent somebody that you actually do know.

What does it mean to keep dreaming of your mother?

Mothers are very important in our lives. In our society, we always believe that our Mothers should be caring and bring love and happiness to our lives. Sometimes that’s not always the case they could provide difficulty in your life. There is some key experiences or events that often occur when you keep dreaming of your mother. I truly believe that we dream of our Mother because we worried about their health or well-being or that we are missing them in some way. That’s of course if you do get on with your Mother. In our society there is an ever-increasing force for mothers to work especially with young children. If you had a working mother then it is not uncommon to keep dreaming of your Mother even when you’re an adult. The attachment of your Mother is important and indicates how important it is in the life of not only the child but also the adult child. We’ve all heard the modern term attachment theory. I must emphasize this point that when we look at dream psychology the Mother is a known archetype. Carl Jung believed lots of different images and elements in our dream are a representation of our Mother and the caring or uncaring relationship that we experienced with her. To put it another way, what I am saying is to dream about your mother is a positive dream. If you have a loving relationship with her it could mean you just need to connect with her. If you don’t have a loving relationship and you find it difficult to communicate with your mother, or she has passed on to the spirit world then it may be that your mind is going through a process of inner experience in trying to unravel and uncover the relationship that you did have with her.

What does it mean when you keep dreaming of your boss?

Dreaming of a boss can represent a focus on life, harvest, and crossroads. Basically, your boss is a representation of your work life I will emphasize this point: the boss is normally connected to how we are feeling inside. Are you enjoying work? Is your boss taking advantage of you? Do you get on with your boss? I would say 9 times out of 10 that a dream of a boss generally represents new challenges in life. Sometimes we feel that we were taken advantage of work and this may not just be the boss but also members of your team. Many people display authorities in odd ways and it’s sometimes hard for a boss to be an authoritative leader but also be friendly and kind. We are all human after all. The takeaway of the dream is to try and understand and be aware of the unique focus on your work and how it is affecting your dream state.

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What does it mean to keep dreaming of a friend?

Dreaming of a friend relates to the relationship you have with them. Dreaming of a friend can indicate the relationship you have with him or her. There could be some area of this relationship that you’re worried about. The good thing about friends is that we can pick or choose our own friends. Unfortunately, some friends are very good and some friends don’t turn out that well. But, the only way we can find out if they are a good friend is to form a relationship with them. I will say this, to dream of friends I believe means that there is an issue or problem with that relationship which could be positive or negative. If you repeatedly dream of a friend it could indicate that there is something that you are not getting in waking life and your subconscious mind is trying to tell you it could be something really simple like the fact that you have forgotten his or her birthday. There are many different ways to win new friends in life having a best friend is emotionally supportive. It could be that you are dreaming of a friend that you’ve known all your life or somebody that you’ve just met. Sometimes people have contacted me because they keep dreaming of an acquaintance. Someone who is a friend of a friend that they don’t really know very well. This can be rather confusing, especially when you keep dreaming of the same person and you just can’t work out the reason why. Friends never tend to abandon to each other and sometimes extreme situations do occur. When you don’t feel a friendship is how it should be. It is important to evaluate this friendship to decide whether or not it means something to you. Most of the time, unless the dream happens night after night, it might just be a one-off dream that does not have any real or true meaning.

What does it mean to keep dreaming of your son or daughter?

Dreams about your son or daughter can be quite passionate. We all know how much we love and care for our own children. As you’re giving to others on a daily basis is quite common to keep dreaming about your children the dream itself could just reflect the importance of love in rearing your child. Obviously, every parent understands that we want to try to raise our child to become a fantastic mature adult. The foundation of this is a love that we feel for them. To keep dreaming of your child represents that you love them greatly. If your children are teenagers or older and you dream about them it could just be because they are growing up. Interestingly, many parents with teenage children sometimes dream of their children being small again – it just represents a loving relationship that you have with your child. If you keep having nightmares about your children for example they get lost or killed in your dream then this is an anxiety dream and you shouldn’t read much into it. I am sure at least on one occasion you have woked up in a hot sweat worrying about your children. Try to keep telling yourself it is a dream of anxiety. Dreaming of children over and over but you are not a parent indicates our connection to the “inner child.”

What does it mean to keep dreaming of babies?

Babies represent our own inner child in a sense. It represents a new start and rebirth. The baby itself is symbolism that a new star is on the horizon. From a spiritual perspective, the baby signifies that something has been accomplished. It is time to enjoy yourself and receive abundance and happiness which should come your way. In dream psychology dreaming of babies especially repetitively can indicate that you may be feeling puzzled about your inner conflicts. In dream psychology dreaming of babies represents that you are actually dreaming of yourself and your inner thoughts.

What does it mean to keep dreaming of work colleagues?

If you keep dreaming of work colleagues or people you use to work with over and over can represent that you need to focus on evaluating where you are in a work context. Perhaps you’re ready to make the next move in a business or that it’s time for you to move on to pastures new? This dream often occurs when we are worried about the future. Especially our career and our goals and aspirations what I will say is don’t read too much into this dream unless of course you’re having problems at work.

To conclude we can dream of many different people, even those you see walking down the street on a daily basis. When somebody keeps repetitively appearing in your dream I will say you should take note. I hope I’ve answered the question what does it mean when you dream about someone. That someone could be anybody you know or somebody who is unknown. Dreaming about someone dying can again be quite a difficult and challenging time because in your mind. It could suggest something might be transforming in terms of a rebirth. Constantly dreaming about the same person can imply that in time things are likely to work out for the better. I hope this overarching dream meaning gives you some reassurance and don’t forget to check out my amazing tarot section before you go. If you spin the wheel to the right it will give you an insight into how you are feeling you’re your immediate future. If there is something that I’ve missed from this dream meaning then please scroll down and leave me a Facebook message I do answer them all eventually personally. Take care and blessings. Flo

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