What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying?

In essence, dreaming about death is about new starts and focus on what is important.

Only recently I had a dream about someone I did not know dying over and over again. This resulted in me spending the time to understand why. I have studied dreams for 20 years. First question: who was dying? Dreaming of a family member dying can indicate that you are potentially worried about a situation in life. Recurring dreams about someone dying can provide insight and such a dream indicates our own conscious mind analyzing the situation. For example, dreaming about your son or daughter passing away can indicate that you are just worried about them in waking life. These types of dreams are natural. We are worried about death in life and this dream is connected to our own psyche. To see a dead body can also be worrying. Think about the details about the dream.

There is a focus in dreams that there is an intention on visitations from the spirit and some believe that dreaming about someone dying (who is already dead) can be powerful in terms of accepting the grief. In other words, the dream can help you with the power or anxious feeling of being out of control due to losing a loved one in real life. With these types of dreams, which often accompany pain and grief in life, we are not in the right space when someone passes. We must try to express some hope that the dream has been sent as a focus on coping with loss in life. Indeed, the purpose of the dream could be a spiritual visitation. To dream of someone you know dying results in terrible events in the dream and can be connected to how we are suffering in real life. The dream could be sent to you due to the healing power that we hold, while we sleep.

What does it mean when you dream about someone dying?

I know that this dream can be worrying and someone dying in a dream can have an effect in the morning. It can be rather heart wrenching when we dream about someone we know dying, especially someone that we love. And while some dreams leave us wanting to understand more, other dreams can turn into nightmares because of the way they present themselves. Bad dreams and nightmares about dying are often connected to our own anxiety. No matter if it’s your own or the death of someone you know in waking life the dream about someone dying is all about “transformation.” Violent death in dreams can be pretty scary and disturbing. However, to dream of someone dying in a violent event can cause damage to our conscience because we’re the one dreaming of their death. There are many ways that death itself is presented in dreams. Some spiritual practitioners believe that dreaming about death is a negative sign, while others interpret death as good luck in waking life – focused on new starts and beginnings. According to the assumption that death is lucky, having a dream about someone dying equals the fact that one will live a long and happy life. There’s no logic included in the interpretation of death dreams. In fact, dreams are a product of our thoughts in waking life. What we fear or want to happen appears real in our dreams. Here I am going to specifically focus on what it means to dream about someone dying. It could be a family member, a friend, a work colleague or even someone you do not know. The thing I want to reiterate is that no matter what dying in dreams is all about new beginnings.

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What does it mean to dream of your partner dying?

For a while I kept having a dream my partner passed on. I can recall one particular dream when I was trying to save his life. In the dream, I was holding his hand. There was no scene or sound. Dreaming of my partner passing on (as he lived in real life) made me think about how much the relationship means to me. I think if you do dream of your partner’s death it is just naturally a fear of losing that person.

What does it mean to dream about someone dying that you do not know?

I woke up the other day from a dream of seeing a little boy dying over and over again. It was not my boy, but I was there caring for him. It was like I was trapped in a time warp and the dream kept repeating itself. This type of dream can sometimes occur when you are between being awake and asleep. This dream allows us to reconnect with our fears in real life. That there is a magical moment in the future where you will focus on the now, this allows us to transcend the different limits of life itself. Remember that dreaming about someone dying that you do not know could represent yourself. Are you taking care of yourself like you should?

Is dreaming of death a premonition?

No. To dream of death is not a prediction of death in waking life. Sometimes, death occurs in waking life after dreaming of dying but that doesn’t mean that our dreams can predict death. What we dream is a mix of our conscious and subconscious mind. When you’re conscious, the thoughts that dominate your mind are the ones creating your dreams. You’re probably wondering why you dreamt of death if you don’t like the idea of dying. Maybe it’s your subconscious fear projecting your own fears. Or some negative experience, trauma, illness and an effect of medication or negative thinking led you to dream of death. To dream of death can be explained and interpret differently. When dreaming of death, you should ask yourself what your fears are.

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Does it mean that you are going through trauma?

It’s possible you dream of death if you’re experiencing some trauma in your life. Or you have had a traumatic experience that has caused you to dream of your own death or the death of someone you care about. One may even dream of death if you are going through a rocky patch in waking life. The inner worries and anxieties explain why you would dream of a person that is dead. It does not mean you’re a negative person; just want to get rid of the person’s presence somehow. Dreaming of someone dying can be traumatic, it is easy to be convinced that to dream of someone’s death means that you’re worried about them, naturally. Death dreams can be interpreted differently. If you dream of yourself dying or someone else died in your dream state, ask yourself how you felt during the dream.

Does dreaming that someone dies related to the relationship with that person?

Yes. To dream of someone dying can refer to the relationship you have with the person in waking life. It’s possible that your subconscious is telling you that your connection is becoming weaker. If you lost connection with the person (in real life) and you dream of that particular person dying, it represents your perspective. If your hurt by the person’s actions this can indicate not feeling respected in life.

Does dreaming of someone dying represent pregnancy?

Death represents the end of life, while pregnancy signifies the birth of a new life. Some people believe that what we dream is usually a prediction of the opposite happening in waking life; therefore, it’s safe to assume this is why death in dreams can be associated with pregnancy in waking life. To dream of death might indicate that someone you know will get pregnant. Many people have proven this true.

Does dreaming of dying represent not being happy in life?

To some degree. To dream of dying might reveal the fact that you’re unhappy in waking life. Do you actually believe that you don’t deserve to be happy? Also, your dream might denote the lack of self-confidence. This dream can also indicate questioning your qualities and life purpose. To dream of someone else dying is also associated with being unhappy in reality. Especially, if you’re jealous of the person and their success in waking life; however, instead of being jealous and greedy, why don’t you focus on your own success?

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What does the death tarot card mean?

I am going to mention this because it does have an impact on this dream. The death (XIII) tarot card usually portrays a skeleton. Sometimes, the skeleton is riding a horse; however, more often it’s holding a sickle. Surrounded by death and people dying from all classes including commoners, bishops, and kings, the card tries to remind you of the power of death – no one can’t escape it no matter what.

However, the death tarot card doesn’t represent a physical death but implies an end. It’s possible that a relationship will come to an end in your life. It also represents an increased self-awareness, profound change, letting go of attachments, failure, and depression. It’s also associated with mortality, some unserious illnesses, and fear.

Does dreaming of dying indicate a transition?

Yes, To dream of dying or someone else dying can be terrifying, no doubt about it. But it can also be enlightening and increase your awareness. For example, to dream of your parents dying represents your fear of losing them in waking life. This is one of the most common death dreams. You dream of this in order to accept mortality. No one can escape “death” no matter what. You have to accept that people you love won’t be there forever. And you have to make most out of life while you’re still alive.

In summary, to dream of death can also awaken your spirituality because death in dreams signifies a transition in waking life. You’re leaving behind everything you know, your old life, the old you in order to start fresh someplace where you will be the one in charge of your life. To dream of death can be an enlightening experience. It makes you face death and realize the real value of life, even if you know it’s just a dream.

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