Time travel Dream Dictionary: Interpret Now!

To see you time traveling in dreams is a common occurrence and many of us have had this.

However, there is hardly any time machine kind of thing involved. Rather, you see yourself in a situation from the past or future. The main cause of the occurrence of such dreams is because we have nervousness about the future or regret about the past.

You may find yourself in a situation where you are deeply dissatisfied with what happened in a particular time period and you see that capability in yourself to change it, by actually being in that time. To dream about time travel also means that you might be really connected to a character and want to live their life. Time travel is also heavily influenced by the movies, animation that you see, often what you see in movies and in TV, you dream of doing the same in that time period.

In your dream you many have

  • Went backwards in time to express your ideology or your love.
  • Went ahead in time just to experience what it could be in the future.
  • Went back in your time, to re-live those moments of happiness and remorse but with your viewpoint.
  • Seen yourself as a child or in a younger time in your life.
  • Wished you had done something different in your past.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • If you want to go back in time to make things better, it shows you’re caring and helping attitude without your self interest.
  • If you go forward in time and see yourself happy or in a position of greatness.
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Detailed dream interpretation

If you dream of traveling back in time, it signifies that most likely you wish to rekindle you long lost romance. You might have even forgotten that individual or not thought about them in a very long time. You might also relive those good old days with your family and childhood pals, with whom you are not in touch with now. This is a sign of your imagination and is connected to your heroic, noble, moral and social characteristics. Each of us has a hidden personality of a leader, entrepreneur, pioneer, beauty queen or other which we have never explored except in our dreams.

Through traveling back in time we choose the best part from the history that we like and view it from our viewpoint and imagination. Most of the time we may dream of a same stereotype image which may be the cause of our hidden fantasies. Time travel in dream also represents your wish to walk away from the realities of your life. You want to go back and forth in time but don’t want to face your present and this means you might be an unsuccessful and incompetent person in real life and the face of failure is not new to you. You have a desire for change but because you are not dealing in reality change never happens. This is a sign to wake up and deal with issues in the here and now. You want to see yourself in that time where you emerge as a winner. If you have realized this then it is the time to come out of the bubble that you’ve created and face the present situation.

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The dream also represents your romantic fantasies and your tendency to romanticize everything. The occurrence of time travel depends on the time, place and emotions you might have at present. In order to find the real meaning of dreams related to time traveling it is essential to find the behavior of your time frame.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of time travel

Happiness, sexuality, heroism, nobility, romantic, confused, unsure, wistful, unhappy, curious.

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