Dreams About Polar Bear – Polar Bear Dream Meaning

Witnessing a polar bear in your dream is a reminder of the spiritual strengths, power, growth and the power of the unconscious mind.

This dream symbolizes that sometimes we need to remind ourselves of our childhood and the happiness that we encountered. This dream also represents stamina, in that you will undertake situations that will require mental and psychological strength. The old dream dictionary meaning of a polar bear mean possible prognostic of deceit, misfortune and seeing life as unfair. Rivals will try to supersede you. To see a polar bear in winter snow means that someone is going to treat you coldly.

In shamanism, the bear is a strong totem animal – which in some cases represents a spirit guide, in fact, based on some meditation this animal can provide comfort, as this is considered to be connected to spiritual well-being. To dream of a polar bear (as long as you have not watched too much Lost!) represents that there is a woman surrounding you who has become icy and cold emotionally. Handling the situation successfully will require negotiation and compromise.

Your dream:

  • Had a polar bear as a pet.
  • Seen a polar bear attack you.
  • Chased a bear.
  • Killed a bear.
  • Seen a bear in the distance.
  • Seen a calm peaceful bear.
  • Seen a large polar bear.
  • Encountered a bear with cubs.


  • The bear in your dream was not aggressive.
  • The bear did not harm anyone.

Detailed dream interpretation:

Seeing a polar bear in your dream can refer to a rich and powerful enemy, probably an adversary or rival of yours. To see the bear acting aggressively, foretells that you may soon be in a fight with your friends. Having a bear in your dream is a sign of violence in the real life. If in your dream a bear attacks you, this means precaution is necessary. A small polar bear means brutal passions, and enemies full of ferocity. Seeing yourself running away from a bear is a good omen. If in your dream you see someone killing the bear, your enemies will encounter losses, and you will generally win over them. If you yourself kill the bear, you will be able to get rid of those that you do not want in your entourage anymore.

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If you dreamed of a stuffed teddy bear then this provides a window to your deep childhood instincts. The context of the dream shows that you will have to be understood further. However, in general this dream indicates that sometimes it easier to go back to the things that use to make one smile in life. The key influence of this dream and the animal – is that your childhood enjoyment has been lost and it’s time to go out into the world and have fun.

As mentioned above, in any dream involving bears it is important to follow some of the additional meaning within this dream dictionary. This is due to the fact that this dream should not be interpreted in isolation. The polar bear signifies a deep and negative emotions that needs to be expressed. If you see a polar bear in the distance, it could mean three possibilities: your hand will be forced, your enemies are in your way, or you have many enemies around you. If you want to succeed, you must make big efforts.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a polar bear:

Scared. Terrified. Worried. Anxious. Upset. In control. Pushy. Cuddly.

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