Dreams About Cutting Hair – Meaning and Interpretation

Sniping hair in a dream has many interesting meanings. Chopping hair off in a dream is a direct impact of change and power control in life. If the change of hairstyle resulted in you having more confidence during the dream this is a positive omen.

In society we cut our hair, there are practical reasons and modifying our hair is a natural process. What happens when cutting hair occurs in our dreams? Cutting hair in dreams is associated with changes in waking life. It is a message that you need to be stronger in life. If your feeling particularly “out of control” the hair cutting dream normally surfaces. This may be due to the fact you are facing problems. Spiritually speaking, this dream can mean that changes are coming due to someone else. If you’re the type of person who washes their hair every day before you run out the door then this can definitely affect your dreams. As hair is featured daily in your life the dream you experienced could just be the fact you handle your hair daily. Hair is made of moisture, oil, and protein and poor hair in a dream can indicate hormonal imbalances. Using commercial products on your hair during a dream can indicate good health. Seeing a salon or stylist in a dream is also positive.

I have had many dreams where I am cutting my hair and often the next day kept thinking about this dream. I will now look into the «symbol» of hair. In history, hair is a dominant powerful part of our body. The religious dream symbol of hair indicates renunciation of the world, this is why we see Christian and Buddhist monks with shaved heads. Long hair in a dream is connected to a loss, thus, to cut long hair can imply that you are trying to focus on your own identity. Cutting hair can suggest a change but your frightened of change. Going to a hair salon during the dream and having your hair cut indicates a wave of changes spiritually – but all positive as I have already mentioned.

What do hair scissors or hair clippers mean in a dream?

Maybe you are cutting hair with a set of scissors? In dreams, scissors indicate that a union and also cutting negative elements from our life. They are known as ambiguous symbols and in some dream books, scissors indicate profit in life. If you see a hairdresser with the scissors this can indicate that you need to communicate better. If you were using electric clippers in a dream this can indicate that you need more precision in life in regard to your goals. To clip an animal, such as cutting the hair (grooming) of a dog or cat suggests that you are going to face a problem with a friend. Watching someone have their hair cut with scissors is (according to old dream books) an unlucky omen.

What was your hairstyle?

Healthy, shiny hair is a positive omen indicating happiness in life. You may see your hair curly, straight, thin or short. There are various hairstyles that one can have during a dream, some styles that you have had in the past could reappear in the dream state. If we look at people around us in daily life there are many different styles and shapes, plain or colored, covered or uncovered. Obviously, we all know that short hair for males is more common than for females. Different societies, cultures, and periods have been a manifestation of the current trending style and also aesthetics.

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In many cultures, hair is a strong sign of your political or social status, with some styles being symbolic of a certain event such as cutting hair when mourning. In modern society, well-nourished hair is cherished, praised and admired in equal measures.

What does drastic hair changes in dreams mean?

A dream where you make a drastic change to your hairstyle denotes that, you could be taking a new approach to issues which you are currently facing in life. If you are removing your hair by cutting or shaving it during a dream, then it implies that you are losing strength or you could be feeling that, there is someone who is trying to censor you in your waking life. If you have a 90s bob in the dream but you don’t have one in real life indicates that movement is predicted in life. The shorter the hair more changes are predicted. A perm or 80s curls predict celebrations.

What is the symbolism of hair?

Symbolically, hair universally is a representation of power as I have already mentioned. It is a symbol of beauty and femininity as well as power and strength. Different mythologies have mystical and magnificent characters that are believed to harbor their strength in the hair. The bible states that Samson, the Greek mythology Medusa had hair which was made of snakes, seeing anything strange such as venomous snakes in your hair in a dream indicates problems forthcoming.

What does it imply to dream about cutting someone’s hair?

To see yourself cutting someone’s hair is directly associated with controlling someone else. After all, cutting someone’s hair is personal and requires tools of communication. Everyone’s hair is different, growth, lengths, color and texture. If you knew the person, then ask yourself if you are finding it hard to control others? You could be feeling that you need to change something in your life in order to be happy. If you dream of cutting your families hair it can mean you wish to impose change. Alternatively, the dream could denote that, you want “control” and are approaching life with good intentions. To cut your lover’s hair in a dream indicates feeling frustrated and this will end up showing in your dreams. To cut someone’s hair off (so they have none left) can suggest that you should stop interfering in other people’s choices, however good your intentions are.

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What is the religious symbol of hair?

Hair is also symbolic of sexuality, sensuality, and attraction. Thick male hair has been considered in many cultures as a sign of male potency and sexuality. In the bible, it is shown that angels are attracted to beautiful female hair, which made them experience lust and that is why in some religious circles, women are advised to wear scarves on their heads. Around the world, according to specific traditions and rites, hair is grown freely, styled in different ways, worn in braids, or cut. It is one thing which is associated with the human soul concept, liberty, and wisdom. Wise men and wizards are also depicted with abundant, long hair.

When hair is grown freely, it is associated with the concept of unwillingness and liberty to bow to regulations and rules. There was a time when it was considered to be a symbol of the insurgency. There are some traditions which feel that short female hair is a symbol of control and liberty like in the early feminist movements, a symbol of taking control of the men.

What does it imply to dream about cutting your hair in a dream?

When you dream of cutting your own hair, then it denotes a loss of strength. It could also mean that, something “new” has happened in your life which has made you review life. If you have tried to re-invent yourself due to the change. This dream could also mean that you have changed in the way you view the world around you. You have experienced or grown something deeper and meaningful which has made you feel like a new person. This could have been due to ending a long-term relationship, a job or change of residence.

What does it imply to dream about losing hair in your dream?

When you dream of seeing yourself cutting your hair and you become someone else it could be a sign that, your concerned with how you appear outwardly. Ask these questions: Are you afraid of growing old and losing your youth? We often have such dreams when we worry about our looks. Do you feel weak and powerless when it comes to some situations in your life? If the hair in your dream is falling off without anyone cutting it, then it is an indicator that, there are some changes which will affect in your life.

What does it denote if you are cutting long hair in the dream?

A dream where you see yourself cutting long hair is a sign that, you are going through possible options in life. It is important to think about the future in order to make a final decision.

What does it mean to dream about cutting short hair?

When you dream that you cut your hair short indicates that you are thinking about how to spend your time more wisely. Are you too lavish for a situation in life? Are you are currently going through a difficult time? A male that dreams of going to the barbers indicates a new beginning. Cutting your hair harshly or abusing your hair during a dream can mean you will spark a new idea.

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What does it denote to dream about cutting your own hair?

Hair cutting is an art form and requires talent. Think about your creative side if you see yourself cutting your own hair. Do you like drawing? Are you a handy person? Cutting your own hair is connected to your inner artistic talents. I hope you can understand my point. If you dream of cutting your long hair in real life short can imply feeling pressure as decisions need to be made. Or it could be that there is a big decision, which you are about to make and it is making you feel under pressure. The decision is connected with other people if your hair is too short. Cutting your own hair in a mirror in a dream indicates that you need to reflect on your creative side in life.

What does it imply to have too long hair in your dream but short in real life?

A dream where you see that you have long hair (but have short hair in real life) then it could mean that you need to review your quality of work.

What does it mean to dream about cutting gray hair?

When you have a dream where you cut gray hair this represents wisdom. This dream denotes that you will encounter good times ahead in life, and that power is likely to move to someone older.

In conclusion, hair cutting in dreams is your subconscious mind showing that you need to reflect on your own powers. The hair as a symbol represents power and strength which if being cut in a dream can imply that you are losing power. This could be in a relationship. To cut a friends or family members hair is a positive omen, especially if the hair was originally overgrown. Dramatically changing a hair style into something positive spiritually indicates lifting your spirits in waking life. Minor trims in hair can illustrate a new success, something that will be revealed soon. Chopping your child’s hair in a dream indicates that your inner child needs care and attention. I hope you liked this dream meaning explore other areas of my site especially my dream meaning on hair by clicking here. Blessings, Flo

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