Dreaming Of Waves – Interpret Now!

Seeing large waves in a dream indicates that you are about to release some emotional pent-up energy.

Huge waves that surround you in a dream is associated with the emotions that you are feeling. It could be that you may possibly fall in love, become pregnant or feel that you are in a lack of control. Walking through big waves can suggest that you will overcome any problems that also tissue. Water represented in the dream allows us to delve deeply into the subconscious mind. Many people dream of massive waves – such as a tsunami or alternatively smaller waves found in rivers. I’ve been contacted many times about big waves in dreams and I will give you the best analysis.

When I’m writing a dream interpretation I like to research every single element. I have a whole library of books and also a member of some private libraries in England and my quest is dedicated to ancient dream interpretation including understanding the dream symbol from a psychological perspective. I find it interesting to understand the facts of the symbolism that is being dreamed. The reason. Because when you’re reading something will click and you will understand and decode your dream. We obviously all understand the definition of a wave. We only have to walk along the beach in order to see the lapping waves. When we often think about waves we generally create a picture of the ocean in our minds. Of course, there is a huge array of other waves such as sound waves, earthquake waves, light waves… I could go on. But you get my drift. They all have something in common from a dream perspective and that is “movement.” Whatever wave appeared this dream meaning is relevant. In terms of the definition, I will say that the wave itself carries a message of the emotional movement. I must also say that watching gentle waves in a dream can make you feel content. The wave is extremely calming and indicates that something old or an emotional problem or situation which is passed is really in the past. To see waves could also be challenging you to think about the future. This could indicate getting rid of old thoughts, problems, and people.

What is the science behind the dream of big waves?

In this dream, I feel is important to understand what is happening to the surface of the water. A wonderful scientist is known as Wilhelm Eduard Weber (1804-91) first investigated waves, and he carried out extensive “water” based work in a laboratory. As you can properly tell from his name he is German in descent. From what I read he basically carried out a number of different experiments with water into the heights and vertical distances of waves. The word “waves” basically means vertical elements of the ocean surface. Long waves are known as trans-tidal waves, these are often found in the Pacific Ocean, North Sea, Gulf of Mexico Northern Atlantic Ocean. These ways are generally tides. When a storm happens generally the water builds up and can cause an immense amount of severe flooding. We have sinned this in the hurricane of Katrina in 2005. Waves can appear in a tsunami or a cyclone.

The waves are obviously affected by what is under the surface of the water. This is quite interesting from a spiritual perspective because symbolically it could mean there is something hidden emotionally that you are finding it difficult to express yourself. The more the wind blows the greater the waves, equally anything that disrupts the surface can also create large gravitational waves. Ways can also be a chain reaction movement one thing after another, after such a dream we need to ask ourselves is this how you’re feeling?

What do big dirty or muddy waves mean in a dream?

To observe dirty waves in a dream and indicate that you are going to experience the beauty and also the cruelty of life itself. I’m sorry this sounds rather morbid. I took this from an ancient dream dictionary. Muddy water generally means that difficulties are coming through these difficulties we will only truly grow.

What is it meaning to watch waves in a dream?

If you’re standing on the beach seeing the waves rolling on the shore this is a representation of your own courage and also mixing feelings. If you were watching the waves in a dream it can suggest that you’re going to encounter promotion. In many old legendary dreams books, this dream can indicate your own human consciousness.

What do tidal waves mean in a dream?

the Tidal Wave is generally created (in the real world) due to a landslide or an earthquake. Spiritually this can mean that one event is emotionally made you think deeply. Tidal waves in dreams are rather common. Even after a few days of having a dream that I was away it might leave you feeling uneasy. Many ancient dream books but either way represent your unconscious mind. Often is referred to as a dream symbolizing the openness of the ego and the true sign of independence. If we turn to more dream psychology and the symbolism of a tidal wave indicates an urge of sexuality or the sweep of emotions. most dream books believe that water itself is connected to our emotions. If you are a ferry and you noticed a massive tidal wave then expect a major change to occur in life. Spiritually the wave itself represents strong emotions and a sudden urge to move ahead in life. I believe that the waves represent our inner hidden emotions. The fact that we can’t control waves can indicate that they may be sent worry or panic in terms of being out of control. Is not uncommon for these types of dreams to occur when you are undertaking a huge amount of work or you have a feeling of being overburdened. Many people who have a crossroads in life often have a dream of a huge tidal wave. Equally, turning to a more psychology perspective the Tidal Wave can indicate a path of life and that the wave itself should be put in the context of your waking life. The wave itself is a representation of emotional fluctuations. I recently had a dream whereby I was walking through very large waves and being slightly dragged to the right but I was able to achieve getting onto shore safely. In my view being dragged away by waves can suggest that I was encountering a difficult period emotionally. It could be that I was having problems regarding a relationship or this may symbolize a solution or problem that has been worrying you. I’ve often encountered such dreams when I haven’t had a good night sleep. A good night sleep is so important for us to recharge our batteries and also organize our inner thoughts on a sequential subconscious basis.

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What does it undercurrents in a dream mean?

Undercurrents can whip you under the water or pull you in a certain direction. To feel that you were being dragged by the undercurrents under the ocean floor or pulled along can indicate you are being pulled in different directions in life. In real life, we all know that water can be somewhat hazardous and dangerous. To feel that you are drowning in a dream due to a big wave can indicate there are some strong emotions in your life. In researching this article 120 people a year drown due to strong pulling water and rip currents so dreaming of death by drowning is common.

What is the spiritual meaning of ocean waves in a dream?

The ocean stands for emotions, nature, untamed and inconsistent personality, the positive parts of this dream represents the subconscious state of our soul. The ocean is one of the most common symbols in dreams, and as I have already said – large waves too. To float on top of waves during the dream represents spiritually your emotional and spiritual self. If you see a stormy ocean with big waves, it denotes inner conflicts. You could be somewhat overwhelmed by your emotions and distracted by current negative events. To dream of repetitive big waves indicates that you feel threatened by something that has the power of “drowning” you. The peaceful ocean, on the other hand, with just a few small waves or no waves at all, portrays a calm state of mind. It could be that you are analyzing yourself. If you dream of going far out on the ocean alone, it means that you’re facing your subconscious. Are you visiting those dark corners of your mind? It is a dream to urge you to explore your emotions and analyze your thoughts. However, most waves in dreams are connected to your soul and the inner issues you have. Think about how you are expressing yourself in front of others. What are your biggest fears?

How is the movement of waves created?

Waves are mostly caused by wind and are created by the friction between surface water and wind. Therefore, they also represent changes in waking life. As the wind blows across the water surface, the continual disturbance creates the so-called waves. Did you know that the gravitational pull of the sun and moon also have the power to create waves? As I have previously mentioned, the ocean represents the unknown parts of your personality, your subconscious, and the dark corners of your mind, the unexplored thoughts, and emotions.

What do large waves mean in your dream?

The first thing I will say is that dreaming of large waves is nothing unusual. They represent an important event coming in life (from a spiritual perspective) that will affect some part of your personality. It will change you from within. It’s important to notice if the wave was clean or dark and filthy. The amount of “clearness” of the wave represents your own inner transformation – positive or negative thoughts. To dream of a large wave chasing, you also portray your many worries and problems you’re currently facing. So, my advice is after such a dream – go with the flow.

What does it mean to dream about waves crashing on you?

As I have mentioned the ocean is also a symbol of the emotions within? There’s a theorist (at the moment I cannot remember who) but he says that our soul carries a part of the ocean within our heart – in order to survive. It’s a suitable explanation why our body consists of around 90% of water. The ocean also stands for our soul and our emotions. So, do waves. However, if you dream about waves crashing on you it can signify that you will encounter an unexpected situation or problem that will affect you in a positive way. To dream of walking through crashing waves represents your own strength and mental capability. Think about if you could control yourself while the waves were crashing on you? If yes, you need to take over more control in life. If not and you were in danger means you’re going to face a difficult period in life.

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What does it mean to walk through waves?

I have touched on this earlier but to walk through waves represents your life path and how you’re managing areas of your life. You’re in control of your emotions. You will find a way to overcome whatever happens to you, just like you always do. You’re not a quitter. You’re a born winner. To be “pulled” along by the waves suggests you let go of whatever’s making you feel anxious and imprisoned. Why don’t you release your suppressed emotions?

What do waves with whitecaps mean in your dream?

To see waves with whitecaps symbolize overcoming a challenging experience. You could be facing a small problem or some situation that’s causing problems or even headache. Everything will sort out eventually. And it will happen fast. I will say you just need to go with the flow and let things solve out on their own. By the way, waves with white caps, have a foamy white crest.

What is air in association with a dream about waves?

Air is one of the four most important elements of life, and as I have already explained is essential for moving waves in the ocean or a river. It also has great spiritual importance because it’s connected to life. Of course, I could say that we wouldn’t exist if there was no air because we are created to survive due to air. I am sure that you already know our body is 60% made from water. Therefore, the air is also a symbol of communication because the breath we take to survive also gives us the ability to speak, to communicate with other people. Our words are carried by air, right? Even if it seems harmless, the air is actually very powerful. Just think of the tornadoes the air creates out of nothing.

What is the spiritual meaning of water?

In Taoist tradition, water spiritually represents wisdom. I believe we should see water as something powerful that makes its own path as it moves, freely. Waves are made up of moving water that creates a certain amount of energy. The spiritual meaning of water is connected to wisdom, purity, and fertility. The water is also a symbol of life considering the fact that more than half of our body is consist of water as I previously mentioned it is an important element. Throughout history, water was seen as the source of life. There is ancient evidence in the many myths in which life comes out of primordial waters. Water is also a symbol of circulation and birth. The thing I like about water is that you can’t control it. Spiritually, water symbolizes our higher wisdom we people aspire to gain. The first people of North America considered water as a worthy commodity. The Native Americans viewed the water as a representation of life, and the evidence of this hides in the many creation myths they’ve made up, connected to water and how it creates life. Water has a special meaning in the Tarot and the Zodiac. In the Tarot, it symbolizes emotions, intuition and the energy flow between living creatures, while in the Zodiac it represents the water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These water signs are mysterious, pure, strong and weak at the same time, and emotionally sensitive. We all underestimate the power of water, but water is one of the strongest and most powerful elements of life and to be seen as waves in your dream indicates an important time ahead.

What does it mean to be surf big waves in a dream?

To surf, the sea in your dream has a transparent interpretation. Surfing is basically riding big waves, therefore, this dream represents that you are going to rise over problems in life. You have the ability to overcome any problems emotionally. It is a very interesting and significant dream to have. If I delve further and deeper into this meaning we can find that after such a dream this can lead to great accomplishments in life. This dream is trying to warn you not to lose your strength on insignificant things and wasting time on people who don’t actually matter.

How are the sea waves actually formed?

We all enjoy the beauty of waves but have you ever wondered how are they actually formed? The process is quite simple. When the wind is blowing on the sea, the water surface uses the gravitational force on the bottom layer of the wind, and it uses the pull on the above layer until it reaches the top-must layer. The gravitational force is different at each layer. Therefore, the wind moves at a different speed. When the top-must layer tumbles, it forms a circular motion. This creates a downward pressure at the front, and an upward pressure at the rear of the surface, creating the magnificent form known as “wave”.

What are the sea wave types?

Thanks to the gravitation forces of the sun and the moon along with blowing winds combined with constant water flow, we get to enjoy the waves. In this bit of my dream interpretation, you will discover the types of waves, and how are they exactly formed and more importantly what they mean. I am a bit of a junkie for facts and feel it is important to fully understand the dream symbol. There are many types of sea waves categorized based on their behavior and formation and I have also included a dream meaning along with the types of waves that you see in your dream:

  • Breaking waves – they are formed when the waves collapse on top of themselves. You have two types of breaking waves: the plunging breaker (when the wave reaches the coastline and curls through the air fast) and the spilling breaker (when the wave reaches the sandy beach and loses the energy of moving over the area). This is what I call “common waves” they indicate that something is pulling you in a direction. And, you are not sure if this is the right way forward. To see breaking waves in front or to the side of you, or you are wading through them can suggest that you are going through a phase where people wish you to work on all sorts of projects. Work may be demanding but you have a passion for what you do.
  • Deep waves – they are made out of numerous other waves of different length covering on each other. They are long, powerful and can travel a great distance. These waves are about focusing on what is important in your life. Deep waves also indicate our deep emotions.
  • Destructive waves – these are high waves with a short length and a vertical allusion. When the wave hits the coastline, the water jumps forward. These are the waves that drag objects into the water. They have what we call a powerful backwash. The forces of such waves in a dream can imply that you wish to jump forward just like the wave itself.
  • Inshore waves – these waves are shorter than the depth of the water they break into. This decreases the speed of the waves and results in the decline of the wavelength. It increases in height, breaking the wave. These waves backwash the beaches. An inshore wave can mean you will increase your wealth.
  • Internal waves – these are formed because of the disturbances between two water masses with different density. They are high and turbulent once they hit a landmass. To see massive waves or a landmark that is surrounded by internal waves. Such as steps, can suggest you need to work towards something important in life.
  • Kelvin waves – they are formed because of the shortage of winds in the Pacific Ocean. They’re wide and high, and warmer in comparison to the surrounding water. Dreaming of such waves indicates that your emotions are up and down at the moment. Kelvin waves in a dream I feel implies that emotions are warm (like the wave) but you need to work on achieving something. This big wave which is high can feature in most dreams.
  • Progressive waves – these waves move at a continuous speed justifying their name. There are two types of progressive waves: capillary (created when the wind pressures the binding force that keeps the molecules of the water surface together) and orbital waves (created at the dividing line of two masses with different density). These are sometimes found in rivers and in dreams can indicate that you will face a new start in life.
  • Refracted waves –they travel in little depth water when approaching the coastline. The little depth declines the power of the wave, causing a curve.
  • Seiche waves – the movement within a limited space causes these waves. They are long in length and don’t cause damage as they are only a few inches high.
  • Shallow waves – they move in little depth waters and have two types: tidal waves (created due to the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun on the ocean) and the well-known tsunami (created die to earthquakes beneath the ocean. They travel very fast in open water. They’re high and extremely dangerous and can cause damage).
  • Constructive waves – they have long wavelength and they’re not very high. When they touch the coastline, the ellipse turns horizontal. When they break, the water reaches the beach’s upper part with insignificant backwash.
  • Swell waves – these are intense waver. They are formed by strong winds during storms. They travel a long distance, are energetic and break on distant shores.
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In conclusion, waves in dreams can provide us with insight into our emotional well-being. I will say that it draws our attention to a huge great strength depending on the type of wave that you saw in the dream. Being pulled around by waves – as I’ve already outlined indicates you’re feeling overwhelmed in life. You do have the ability for a more rounded approach and you can develop different fertile ideas which are likely to result in a better perspective on life. If I haven’t covered any of your dreams in the above please make sure that you leave me a Facebook message by scrolling below. Blessings. Flo

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