Dream Of Wind – Meaning And Interpretation

Wind represents the power internally and is symbolic of our own spirit living in this world. In biblical terms, the wind is connected to messages of god and can be associated with divinity.

If we think of the four elements (Earth, Air, Water, and Fire) the element of air is associated with breath and our own spirit. The wind is air and therefore is connected to our own soul. In the old testament, Elijah was taken up to the sky in a whirlwind. This is one of the oldest stories of someone actually being lifted up in the air. This leads to the following two questions: What is lifting you up? Do you need more of it? In dreams “windy weather” can be associated with trying to get ahead in life. This is because of the movement!

The wind is moveable and in dreams can indicate important changes are on the horizon. It can suggest that you will be guided in a certain direction by spirit. This could be for the greater good.  I do feel that such a dream is associated with a change. Strong winds can imply a big change and a smaller wind is associated with unexpected smaller changes. The wind can also connect to positive energy and you may see all hindrances removed from life. The energy of the wind in dreams is connected to vital energies through the psychic channels.

In medieval times they believed that “wind” is a prime element and related to intuition. If the wind is compressed it produces heat, which is required for the creation of life. Here are some elements that are connected with dreaming of wind:

Dream Of Wind And Shielding (Against The Wind) – Shielding in life

When we are faced with the wind we try to shield ourselves to stop the releases of energy and clashes of air mass against our homes or bodies. This is an important message of the dream to “shield” yourself from something challenging in life. The atmosphere in dreams can be deep and even complex. Try to think about how the wind was shaping the dream. Was it an important element of the dream? Was it hostile? Were you scared?

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Dream Of Wind And Magnificence – due to the storm

There is something quite special when it comes to stormy weather. People often take pictures of the raw beauty of the storms or tornados. Destructive tornados or bolts of lightning in dreams can indicate that something is going to hit home. I always feel that the tower tarot cards reflects how one feels when looking for an interpretation.

Dream Of Wind And – Up with the clouds – is your head in fairyland?

In storms the clouds take on different shapes and formations, the structure can resemble a love heart or even a boat. In dreams, the storm symbol could indicate that you are beholding to someone else and that your mind is up in the clouds.

Dream Of Strong Wind Blowing

Strong winds in dreams can be connected to the unconscious mind. In dreams, the wind is normally both a positive and a negative aspect. Many people have a dream of strong winds such as tornadoes and hurricanes can often indicate a time of freedom and flowing free. It can suggest that you need the freedom to express your own uninhibited feelings and hang loose. Similarly, your dream can show you are looking for a safe haven where you can wait to let the stormy weather pass. 

Biblical Meaning Of Wind In Dreams

In regards to the biblical meaning of wind in dreams, it is connected to the symbol of the holy spirit and is connected to gentle properties. The wind is associated with audible forces and symbols of work. If you think about the wind as words in a dream it can indicate that you may have a psychological event that is important to you. The wind could be featured because there is a powerful force that will soon enter your life.  Elijar, one of Israel’s prophets listened to the violent wind when the mountains broke rocks. (1 Kings 19:11-13) the wind was connected to the power and a sign of a new day and challenges. God is connected to the wind and it is associated with the Holy Spirit becoming “active.” If you think of your spirit as the wind it breathes, flows and creates a new life. A windy day in a dream can be connected to the way God will communicate with you! 

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Dream Of Windy Things Blowing

Seeing items blowing in the wind, such as your hair or an object is a positive dream. It can mean that you are trying to remove yourself to a safe situation in life but you need the “wind” to keep you moving forward. 

Dream Of Windy Weather – In General

To simply dream of windy weather can indicate that others will be focused on storming against you. In life, we undertake many different storms. Some good and some bad. Windy weather can signal that a “stormy” period is about to happen but you can ride the breeze. The wind normally appears in dreams to grab one’s attention. 

Dream Of Being Blown Away

Seeing yourself rising above the earth or simply “blown away” can indicate the natural rhythms of life. It can suggest that you are struggling to move forward with important stages of life. This can be represented in the dream of being lifted up. Think about what can lift you in daily life? Are you really bothered by what people think for instance? The dream overall can suggest contentment in waking life but that you need to do something to “lift” up your spirits!

Dream Of A Storm

Anyone who has seen a real tornado or been through very stormy weather realizes the incredible force of the “storm” nature. When this dream symbol appears and takes the awesomeness of the sky then this dream is connected to a possible upheaval or drama which will soon unfold. 

Summary Of Having A Dream Of Wind

The “storm” in dreams suggests that others will be somewhat unpredictable and something will happen that will simply be out of your own control. When we face “blizzard type” winds of winter the dream can mean that something in life may turn cold. A situation or a person. I hope you understand that and don’t worry too much.

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