Dream Of Saving Someone From Drowning – Meaning And Interpretation

Dreaming of saving someone from drowning can (in some dream dictionaries) be associated with a supernatural communication.

The water element in your dream can indicate that you are processing emotions. The “saving” element of the dream is positive and indicates you will recoup any losses in life. There might be an argument or legal wrangle and you are able to overcome hidden danger. I kept dreaming of my child drowning and saving her. This is a common parent dream and normally due to anxiety.

Adult drowning: Saving someone from drowning in the ocean that is an adult can be associated with your own spiritual development. It can also mean you will gain awards in life. Saving someone from drowning in a swimming pool (artificial body of water) can mean that in time people will turn to you for advice.

Saving someone you don’t know from drowning can be a symbol of your feelings that you have for yourself. Saving a loved one, or a friend can indicate that you want to save this person from a problem. The dream can be rather realistic and feel quite real.

What is this dream trying to tell you?

Most of the dream symbols have a simple interpretation. If you’re the one drowning in a dream, it suggests that you’re feeling overwhelmed in waking life. I do feel that our dreams often tell us stories and each symbol is important. Water normally means emotions and “saving someone” indicates you are trying to move forward with an important part of life.

Drowning normally follows a three-stage process: loss of control, distress and drowning. It could mean a person may suffer a momentary disorder in breathing or swimming, seeing any of these in dreams can relate to how your feeling in the waking world. To be a lifeguard in a dream can mean that you are going to control your own distresses in life. Swimmers in dreams that cannot keep afloat (even after throwing in a float) can indicate that life will soon change.

Is this dream good or bad?

I am afraid, that often, when people contact me about these types of dreams it is when I have seen pain or emotion in a person’s life, it is not bad per say but that emotions have run high. Think about it… a person drowning has limited possibility to survive. To see someone swimming normally to progressing to drowning and intervening yourself indicates that you need to study the behavior of a person close to you.

What does deep water mean?

Depending on the water competences of the person who is drowning, to see someone in deep water indicates that emotions are going to run deep. If someone is waving in the water then this can imply there is something you are just not seeing in real life.

What does it mean to rescue someone drowning in a dream?

To rescue a person from drowning in your dream means that you care about people a bit too much. No matter how untouchable you think you are, when something happens to the people you love, you become vulnerable.

If you failed to rescue someone from drowning in your dream, it is possible that you believe the person cannot be saved in reality. Or you feel incapable of helping them.

What does it mean to dream of saving a loved one?

To save your husband or wife from drowning in your dream means that you’re trying to save your relationship in waking life. Are you scared of losing someone close to you? If you were trying to save a family member from drowning in your dream, it is possible that you’re aware of the person’s financial issues in waking life and you’re trying to help.

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Dream of saving a relative from drowning?

As I said before, to save a family member from drowning reveals your involvement in someone’s private life. Perhaps you’re aware that your relative is going through a hard period and you want to help. If he or she’s dealing with money problems and feels like “under the water” in waking life, it explains why you were trying to save him or her.

Alternatively, your relative is taking a wrong turn in life and you can see it. However, he or she doesn’t and won’t listen to your advice. Or refuses your help. It might be the reason why you were trying to save the same exact person from drowning in the dream.

Dream of saving a stranger from drowning?

If you dream of saving someone you don’t know from drowning, it often means that you’re involved in something dangerous or risky in waking life. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and like things are out of your control? However, if you were the one drowning in the dream (and being saved), it’s possible that you feel the same way in your waking life. Do you feel like drowning?

If you saved a stranger from drowning in your dream state, it is possible that you feel like losing your identity or voice in waking life. Maybe you feel like you spend too much time helping people, instead of focusing on your personal life. Or feelings. Or career.

Positively, saving a stranger from drowning in your dream means that you’re still human. You’re probably a kind person with a good heart, ready to protect everyone, no matter the cost. Alternatively, it can mean you feel responsible for something that’s happening in your own society. You feel like you need to do something to help and want to change something.

If you rescued someone unknown from drowning in your dream, it means that you have become more aware of your emotional state. You are finally recognizing and accepting some parts of your personality that were left unexplored. You’re finally becoming the person you always wanted to be, instead of doing what other people wanted you to do.

What does it mean to save a child from drowning in a dream?

The dream of seeing a child drowning can often come from our own child psyche. The part our adult mind indicates how we should survive and what we need from those around us. Drowning dreams that involve children are somewhat unpleasant. I have written a whole section on drowning child in dreams here (https://www.verdadyalma.com/dream-dictionary/dream-drowning-child) after having such awful nightmares. These dreams have nothing to do with a fear of drowning or water but with ones emotional state. And if you see someone drowning that you love in your dream it might explain how you feel about the person in your waking life.

To save a child from drowning in your dream, it indicates your fear of losing a naive person in your life.

If the child you were trying to save from drowning in your dream state wasn’t yours (or unknown), you’re probably trying to save your inner child / nature in waking life.

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The gender of the child you were trying to save from drowning in your dream matters too. For example, if you saw a drowning girl, it’s possible that you’re worried about a female. Especially if you are deeply connected to your family. However, a drowning daughter might also foretell a challenging relationship with a female.

If you see a drowning son in your dream, it means that you’re worried about your child or that you will come across a dominant and aggressive male. To see someone else’s son drowning in a dream indicates “your head is underwater”. You’re feeling threatened.To see a drowning baby in your dream predicts a failed realization of a new idea. Something you’re trying to achieve will most likely fail due to poor planning. However, if you saved the baby from drowning, your idea will flourish. Alternatively, rescuing a baby from drowning in the dream means that you’re going to reach a positive time in life.

Helpless: Saving a person from drowning in your dream, has a whole different, more complicated meaning. If you saw someone drowning in your dream and you felt helpless, it means that you’re feeling helpless in your waking life too. Perhaps you’re involved in something more than you should. You feel like you can’t do anything to get out without hurting other people.

Alternatively, to see someone drowning and feeling helpless, might reveal how you feel about yourself. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re losing your identity? Sorry this is not more positive!

Drowning and spiritual meaning?

One of the keys of our life is our response to problems and people. If you regularly find yourself doing things that “cut off your nose to spite your face” indicates that you need to assess situations better if you are having drowning dreams. Taking your time to respond to life might be the message of this dream. You will have tried and tested beliefs that are true to you, but as an adult we rarely have the time to be fun and enjoy simple pleasures.

To dream of drowning and in essence “rescuing someone” from drowning has a strong spiritual meaning. If you saved someone from drowning in your dream, it means that you will feel an “urgent need to express your feelings” because you’re feeling overwhelmed. On the other hand, it reveals how you feel about a person in waking life. Possible spiritual reasons for this dream are:

Someone close you know is causing you trouble? Such a dream might also represent the burdens you’re trying to escape. It might reveal a secret wish of becoming a hero. Perhaps you want to be admired, adored and loved? However, to save someone from drowning in your dream might suggest that you need to save yourself in waking life. Perhaps you’re taking a wrong turn and your dream is trying to warn you of the possible consequences? The dream is forcing you to see that you don’t have to step over people to accomplish something.

Perhaps that person is doing something that might end well and you’re aware of it. You are trying to help and “rescue the person from drowning”. However, he/she is stubborn. Negatively, the spiritual meaning of saving someone from drowning is associated with a bad habit you have in waking life. You’re always putting others before you. It’s going to break your heart one day. Not that it’s not already broken. It’s time to save yourself.

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Saving someone from drowning in a car during a dream?

If you saved someone from drowning in a car in your dream, it foretells failed plans and unrealized goals. Perhaps you’re doing something wrong and you’re not aware of it. Your dream might also reflect your emotional state. Dreaming of being trapped in a car while drowning is an ugly experience. It means that you feel trapped and overwhelmed in your waking life. However, to save someone from drowning in this situation means that you’re trying to save something/someone that’s beyond saving. You are persistent and hopeful.

What does it mean to dream of being saved from drowning?

I’ve talked about saving someone drowning in dreams but I haven’t mentioned what does it mean when someone saves you from drowning in a dream. It’s not hard to interpret your dream if you remember how you felt. Were you feeling happy, angry, sad, relieved, or thankful? If you were being saved it means that new possibilities and beginnings are ahead of you. However, if you were angry and sad because someone tried to save you from drowning, you’re probably going through an emotional breakdown. You’ll survive this too, just like you’ve survived everything else that’s happened to you. Better days are coming because your dream foretells a change. You will be positively surprised by life. And you will start believing in yourself again. If you were feeling desperate and in need of saving in your dream, you’re probably feeling the same way in waking life.

Your dream could include any of these dream symbols:

  • Jumping in water (if you see yourself jumping in to save someone from drowning in a dream this indicates that you want to help save someone in waking life.)
  • Suffering (If you’re suffering in reality, it explains why you experienced a drowning dream. It can mean that someone you know is feeling miserable and you’re doing everything in your power to help that particular person.
  • Rescuing (If you feel like you need to save someone from a dangerous situation, in reality, it explains why you’re dreaming of saving that person from drowning)
  • Saving someone (If you’re worried about a person’s safety in waking life and you feel like you need to do something to keep them safe, it may explain why you saved someone from drowning in a dream)
  • Crisis (If someone you know is in a crisis and you want to help, it might explain why you’re dreaming of saving this specific person from drowning)
  • Worrying (We all worry at times, to dream of saving someone from drowning over and over means that something “specific” is worrying you )
  • Depression (If you’re feeling depressed and you see yourself drowning in your dream, it could mean that depression is the reason behind this dream.)

As you can see, most of the symbols could be associated with your mind and how you are feeling. To conclude the dream of saving someone from drowning can take on many meanings depending on the details of the dream.

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