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When we are awake in life many different colors can affect our mood and emotions, but what does it mean to dream of color? 

Everybody is familiar with the concept of dreaming in color. However, for those who dream in color, it can be quite vivid and important. Sometimes a particular color will appear to stand out and convey an important message. Each color is associated with specific energy and each person has their own associations with certain colors.

What does dreaming of colors mean?

Carl Jung, the famous dream psychologist from the 1930s believed that colors represent the following: Black is connected to our unconscious, white or light colors signify our conscious mind. Yellow represents our intuition, blue our thinking, red our feelings and finally green represents our sensations. Generally, bright strong, and defiant colors reflect how we sexually communicate. Darker colors, from a dream psychology perspective, can boost our own fears and worries during sleep. Pastel colors are associated with reducing stress. Dreaming in color appears to be rather frequent and this has even been attributed to the fact that we watch television in color. I will, of course, go into more detail regarding each color. If you don’t have time to read all my dream meanings then just scroll down this article to reach your specific color dream interpretation as I have detailed each color in turn.

I do urge you to review everything I have written as the colors above can be significant in the dream state. There’s been much research around dreaming in colors and sometimes we don’t always remember our dreams but can sometimes see colors. In this article, I will look at the psychological impact of color on your mind during sleep. We react differently when we are exposed to certain colors. And, designing a product or website generally includes the emotions that we feel towards color and how people in life respond. In this dream meaning, I will review colors from a spiritual perspective and also how these can ultimately affect your dream. Dream interpretation encompasses not only spiritual meanings but also a psychological impact.

The sensitivity of color is connected to our emotions. We often hear terms such as «green with envy» or alternatively the saying «feeling blue.» These types of sayings actually have meaning. I believe the color in dreams is connected to how we emotionally react to people. Dream interpreters for centuries believed that we can only dream in black and white but sleep research has shown that this is not true. The dream interpretation of color is often ignored in dreams. Each color spiritually has significance, and in our dreams, we need to turn to the attributes of each color to define what they mean. There is a specific meaning of each color and it is important to make sure that you consider the individual interpretations. If you dream of a solid color then this shows that you need more variety where you should go. Any dream which involves colors generally means that you are being warned against false hopes and expectations, this dream also means that you are being warned of someone’s dishonesty.

What does it mean to dream in color?

Around 85 people dream in color every night. Color generally stimulates emotion in waking life, there is been an investigation by sleep researchers Robert Hoss and Curtiss Hoffman who presented a theory of dream color at an ASD conference in 2004. According to their research, most dreams are in color, when they carried out work in a sleep lab over 70% of participants reported that they dreamt in color. The color is more intense dependent upon the emotional aspects of the dream. These scientists believed that dreams are much easier to recall if there is a significant color. Many people have dreams of colored objects such as a red car or a blue bus. Robert Hoss believed that each color has a symbolic association and is connected to how we process certain images during the dream state. Sometimes it is not always easy to remember dreams, in fact, 90% of our dreams are often forgotten the next morning, but many of us, however, are able to remember the colors of items or things seen in dreams.

Scientific research has used the ideas of what is known as synesthesia subjects in regard to color research. Synesthesia is basically a condition where people might see music in colors. Amazing right! This has been used to understand how colors affect our moods. In ancient Egypt, it was believed the colors bought therapy, for example, people who showed illnesses was diagnosed and sent to an appropriate colored room in order to heal. Color has also been used recently for many retail outlets in order to stimulate a purchase.

The color orange, for example, is associated with communicating and is supposed to enhance our own appetite. There have been other studies that drugs, for example, sleeping tablets or recreational drugs affect our sleep to the point that colors are always present. Sometimes colors of dreams do not always correspond with what we see in reality, for example, an orange fruit – might appear to be turquoise in the dream. What we do know is that different colors respond to the way that we focus on the mind and many dream experts believe that color can be the result of how we are feeling inside. So without further ado, I will give you an overview of different colors. Just scroll down to find your meaning!

What does it mean to dream of white?

White is connected to peace and tranquility in life. White is the color we most dream of, but what does it mean? White can appear in dreams in many different hues such as pearl, snow, creams, or ivory. White also represents cleanliness. White has become more popular in life generally, I even have a white car! Over the years I have seen white become more and more popular in homes and furnishings. White light in dreams is connected to protective spiritual forces. Interestingly, white makes us feel at peace and often is used to relieve stress. In the Far East white has the opposite meaning of ending and death, much like we see “black” in our own culture.

There has been much research around the color white, this is the most popular color. In dreams white can suggest a new start, if you could see a snowballed background or a winter scene in a dream it indicates that transformation is likely. In spiritual terms to dream of white indicates a new start, like wiping out all the problems in life. The white color is connected to being open, growing, and cleansing yourself. At times the color white can also be connected with feeling a sense of worry and coldness in life. After a dream of white, it is important to remove any obstacles in life and try to start new projects with a fresh mind. In various dreams, white can be seen as our inner worries and fears and even death. A white room can indicate that you are looking for spiritual guidance. As I have already mentioned, colors in dreams stimulate emotions and represent our current mental state in waking life. Scientists have proven that you dream in color around 85% of the time – but you do not recall these dreams most of the time. To dream in white, or to dream of a white scene means someone will boost your self-awareness. This color also represents new beginnings and entering a new, pure phase of life. It also denotes openness to experiencing new things and going through important changes.

What is the spiritual meaning of white?

The color white has a significant spiritual meaning. It’s related to your subconscious mind. Often, dreams of white occur when one is feeling isolated and unprepared to do something. Dreams of white dresses can occur when you feel ready for something new in life. A dream of white in occult books indicate that you somehow need time to focus, on yourself. This dream urges you to focus on your mind, in essence, listen to your inner voice. White heralds the focus of intuition and represents your personal compass or GPS. In other words, your intuition (also referred to as a gut feeling) is never wrong. To dream in white means you’re ready to clear your mind and bring your thoughts to order by questioning your current life values.

What does the color yellow mean in dreams?

Yellow seen in dreams indicates that you will feel a sense of energy and happiness in life. Research in dream psychology has found that the color yellow represents our own intuition. When I was researching older dream dictionaries it was clear that the color yellow represents a delay in life. Often this color means that you will expect a huge change in your life and that there will be some delay. As the sun is yellow we sometimes connect this color to happiness and warmth. Surprisingly, yellow is the color that is less favored by the population. If we compare this to the color orange which is associated with communication yellow in dreams is often used in creative environments. Dreams of yellow sometimes denote power, abundance and improving self-esteem. If you see a yellow light in a dream and this can suggest that you will encounter a period of unparallel happiness. Yellow is also connected to the third chakra known as our solar plexus. In ancient history the color yellow as some color has been connected with clarity, overcoming troubles and also the focus of happiness. If you dreamed of the color yellow, your dream represents in energy, intellect, wisdom, and harmony. However, your dream also has a negative interpretation. It also denotes betrayal, sickness, cruelty, and envy. I managed to find this meaning in a dream paper from the 1930s: If you’re a female and had a dream in yellow, it means you’re the jealous type and you risk losing the person you love because of your doubts and jealousy attacks.

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What does it mean to dream about silver or gold?

The dream of silver and gold colored items or hues has a number of interpretations. The color silver in dreams represents purity and justice. It’s also a symbol of protection. The good news is that someone is constantly watching over you. To dream of gold foretells wealth, determination, and development. You will be rewarded for your hard work. To dream of both, silver and gold colors signifies doubt. You’re not certain about something. Whatever you decide will change your life forever, for better or for worse. It’s up to you. Follow your intuition.

What does it mean to dream of red?

Often we dream of red when we want to make a lasting impression in life. It has also been found through scientific research that both males and females are attracted to a person in red, more than any other colors. There is a certain sexual attraction connected to the color red. Red is the color of life, it is associated with our menstrual cycle and blood. Additionally, red also means danger and stop. In dream psychology seeing red can mean that you need to stop using actions that harm you. The color red also indicates that there are emotions of not only passion but also strength and assertiveness in life. Many companies use the color red in order to stimulate a purchase, red is carried in many different brands such as Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s.

Red is also the color of love, we often see red everywhere during valentines day. If you have a dream of an item that is red, such as a car or an object it indicates the good times are ahead. in contrast to this red can also signify a warning especially if you see a red light in a dream. Read it is a color that is preferred by women and it also is connected to our own impulses in life. In dreams red can be defined as being associated with excitement, speed, passion, strength and also the fact that you need to be a strong character in life. The color red is also connected to our first root chakra. This chakra is found at the base of our spine. It is in-between our legs and denotes the sexual side of our character. Thus, in dreams, we can always associate red with sexual urges. To conclude, to dream in red or see something red in your dream it denotes aggression, anger, intense passion, and impulsiveness. It’s also a symbol of violence and danger. Your dream indicates a warning. Slow down. Clear your thoughts and don’t bring any reckless decisions that might cost your peace.

What does seeing orange mean in a dream?

Ancient dream interpretations show that this color may represent the need to expand your horizons and look into new interests. Orange is associated with great energy, doing things well, enthusiasm and that it is clear – you have a balance in your life. This color is often associated with positive energy and communication. It is important to note that as this is the color red it means you have encountered some difficult times in the past few months. This color shows a slight immature idealism and other people have enthusiasm for what you are doing. Orange represents the main spectrum of the color – and thus also symbolizes the compassion that you need to progress in life.

In addition, orange is associated with the joys of life and emotional warmth, you will be going through a time that is particularly challenging in the near future. If we look at the religions, orange is present within Hinduism and Buddhism which represents happiness, force, stability, warm, inferno, keenness, elaborateness, lightheartedness, anger, superiority, luridness, over-emotion, caution, threat, autumn, yearning. The spiritual star sign Sagittarius (star sign), and September are connected with the color orange. Are you going to encounter a Sagittarius character going forward?

What does the color pink mean spiritually?

If you dreamed of the color pink or could see an item that was pink in your dream it represents sex, lust and covered passion. Are you interested in someone that’s not your type or is currently unavailable? If you answered “yes” this dream indicates that you should think about how you act around people. Pink is normally the favored color of women. Pink in old dream books indicate that someone will want you to love them – this may create a problem. And by a problem, we mean an obsession with someone who’s not willing to sacrifice their relationship to be with you. Your dream also signifies re-connection with your spirituality. As for the spiritual meaning of the color pink I feel in dreams this color stands for caring, unconditional love, understanding, kindness, excessive care and everything that’s nice and good.

What does it mean to dream in green?

The color green in your dream is a symbol of positive changes, new beginnings, and intellectual growth. You have potential and you need to use it to create the life you always wanted to live. Your dream in green also represents independence. You’re a patient person with strong attitude. You don’t depend on anyone nor anything. You love with your whole heart but when a person fails down your trust – you never give a second chance. Your life motto is – “The person who loves you and respects you, will use your first chance as their last one.” Stay as you are and stay true to you.

What does the color green mean spiritually?

The spiritual meaning of the color green is associated with grounding, inner changes, personality transformation, growth, perfect health, vitality, peace, inner healing and lack of experience. To dream in green or to see the color green in your dream denotes a positive transformation in your life and reveals that you’re prepared to apply some changes in your personality. The key message is you need to improve yourself.

What does it mean to dream in black?

Although the Biblical meaning of the color black is associated with death and elements that appear unpleasant, the prophetic meaning is related to blessing and everything that’s beautiful, in general, the black color in dreams stands for potential, possibilities, and determination. It also represents hidden spirituality, vulnerability, and balance between your good and evil side.

What do dreams of purple mean?

To dream in purple or see something purple denotes a mystic connection with something or someone in waking life. In other words, your dream represents your wishes and reveals they will be fulfilled soon. You might also have erotic feelings or sexual desires about someone you just met. To dream of a violet color also implies to your strong attitude and beliefs. People respect you for being faithful to your opinion but also open to hearing their opinion. You should work on your self-image is the message of this dream.

What does it mean to dream of blue?

Blue is the color of spiritual growth. In dreams, the color blue signifies peace, ideals, religion and other feelings that are often sensitive to dream, in towed back to people. Blue is also the color of the sky and shows that anything is possible. Is it the color of the water and the sea, so blue is often associated with a symbol for the unconscious or the feminine side of nature. A very dark blue is the symbol of peace and depth as well as for the night, sometimes even for a change. In addition, Blue is often connected to intellectual and spiritual events, which include insights, experiences, and mental processes. If you dream of a sky blue or a light shade then this is typically a female color. The shade of turquoise is a symbol of emotional contentment that one would like to maintain. If you dream of more than one shade of blue then this shows you must live wisely and with the sympathy of others less fortunate. If in your dream you have seen a blue object then this shows that your intellectual goals and insights are going to be tested in the future. In summary, a dream which contains blue is positive.

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What does it mean to dream about sky blue or the ocean?

To dream in blue or see the blue sky or ocean in your dream symbolizes truth, wisdom, creativity, calmness, and openness to new ideas. Nothing can ruin your inner peace and shake your balance.

What does the color navy blue mean in our dreams?

If you dream of the color dark blue then spiritually this carries the same meaning as blue it denotes happiness, prosperity, confidence, self-esteem and the fact that you will gain a fortune in life. Navy blue is a slightly darker shade than traditional blue. This means that you wish to feel relaxed you find it difficult to concentrate and focus in life. Blues from a psychology perspective are quite a calm, relaxing color and generally, in dreams are connected to stimulating “growth in life.” Did you know that the most popular color in the world for men is blue? Obviously blue is the color of the ocean and it is connected to feeling calm, collective and tranquil. Older dream dictionaries from the 1930s indicate that dreaming of a blue object can signify that you will encounter a quarrel with somebody. I’m not sure how much meaning should be focused on this however from a spiritual perspective blue is suppose to be connected to calming love. Blue as a color has been used to relax and calm people, especially children with ADHD and hyper-activism. The spiritual meaning is to «relax» in life.

What does it mean to dream of red and blue?

These two colors can sometimes appear together in dreams. Traditionally red and blue are connected to how we contradict our emotions, these two colors are opposite each other. Red signifies power and action and blue indicates calming times. Thus, seeing both these colors in your dream can indicate that you are feeling confused. If we turn to spirituality, specifically the occult, the color red is associated with passion, power, anger and the power of life. Additionally, red is also a symbol of aggression. It can also mean that we need to grow and develop as people. The color red can also imply that you are afraid to face any adversities in life. Often, dreams of red and blue appear when one has a huge desire to overcome obstacles. In ancient dream books, these colors are associated with being positive.

Interestingly, from a scientific research, it is been found that many women dream of the color red. There are many country flags that depict the colors red and blue, including the United Kingdom and the United States flag. If we even look at the Google logo we can see the colors blue and red! On my trail of research for this article, I could not believe how much red and blue are used. For example, in Star Wars the symbolism of bad and good is blue and red. What I’m trying to say is that blue and red might have appeared in your dream due to the fact that you may have seen the colors in waking life which has affected your dreams. Sigmund Freud, a famous dream psychologist believed that «images» from waking life affect our dreams. In dreams, Blue is associated with the feeling of happiness, calmness, and contentment. If you dream of blue items and this can indicate you are a generous person and that your personality is balanced. Red is power and determination. Red and blue are opposite to each other. They can also represent Ying and Yang. This indicates that together the color red and blue is wholesome.

What is the dream psychology of colors?

Unfortunately, there is little work on color in dreams. One can find many books discussing its meaning, but little scientific study has been performed. There are also a number of books on color, with focus on healing with color or seeing color in auras. I have found in general that the meaning attributed to color in these books do not correlate well with the evidence from dream work. A study of color psychology, including the works of Dr. Max Luscher and Faber Birren, provides some of the best information on the human reaction to color. A study of Carl Jung and Fritz Perls also provides some valuable insight as to the occurrence of color in dreams and its relation to the subject matter of the dream noting that color in dreams come from the sensory colors we see in waking life. In some dreams, color appears on its own and it is not associated with anything, it may be that you see a block of color or circle. but other times you may see an item that has a particular color. Such as a white car or a purple tree. The color itself is a symbolism. It relates to our own emotions and life. There was an interesting study by Prof Curtiss Hoffman, where he kept a journal of people’s dreams for 11 years. He interpreted around 8000 dreams, looking for trends in color recall. I won’t go into the intricate details of this study but the frequency and popularity of colors in these dreams which were analyzed are as follows: white (17%), red (14%), yellow (15%), black (14%), green (95), blue (9%), brown (7%), grey (5%), clear (2%), orange (3%), violet (1.8%) and finally the rest were varied. Therefore, the most popular colors that we dream state are white, red and then yellow.

What the dream theorists think of you dreaming of colors?

Freud often believed that dreams involving colors are associated with our mood in life. He believed that dreams of color are impressive and that this dream has a significant meaning. Freud tried to understand the long series of colors and how they effected dreaming. He believed that people who have such dreams are dependent on human interactions. In fact, in his work, he referred to colors as human expectations. Carl Jung’s theory on color was different. According to Jung dream of colors are associated with how you socially come across from a psychological dream periods viewpoint. The other elements of your dream are worth the colors are beautiful will force you any danger in any way.

What is the general meaning of color in dreams?

Any color is a vital part of your dream symbolism and this is because of the spiritual frequency to pitch color ads in dreaming state. Many scientific experiments carried out tests to understand what color is and how this affects the dream state. If you could see the colors found in the rainbow this can denote freedom in life. In dreams sometimes we discover that we have seen a palette of colors. If you work with healing then blues are associated with growth. It took me about four days to get over many people dream in a variety of colors. Generally color is symbolic in terms of culture. In society, we often communicate with color in our daily existence. We also build up the emotional is a sample if then this indicates either passion or anger and depression, and sadness dose-related refusals.

What does it mean to dream of paint color?

To dream of paint demonstrates that you may experience that people may mislead you so make sure you do not deceive another, as “what goes around comes around” A car or house paint featured in a dream is based upon the meaning of the colors which need to be interpreted, just scroll down. The message in this dream is that you are likely to receive information (within the interpretation) about the current situation and further development.

What do colors mean spiritually?

To dream of the main charkas: Having a dream about a specific color may be related to the main charkas and how your body may be blocked of color. In your body there is seven major energy vortexes. Each is vortex is associated with a color. The chakra vortexes are as follows: The crown = white; forehead (third eye position) Purple = throat Blue = chest Pink or green = navel Yellow = abdomen. Orange = groin. Colors in a box, according to old ancient dream interpretations indicate financial gains and prosperity – good news is ahead! In order to offer you a full dream interpretation please see the specific colors below:

  • Red: this color represents inner passion. It can also stand for your anger or blood. Astrological parallel: Aries.
  • Orange: this dream is associated with tranquility, balance and healing. Good news.
  • Yellow:this is associated with inspiration represents clarity, excellence, stillness, virtuousness, self-esteem, awareness, and new beginnings.
  • Green: The color of nature which brings with it a new approach to life with hope.
  • Blue: The spiritual color associated with healing, many healers have this shade in their auric field. Pale blue brings harmony and, like the sea, it implies a lack of restrictions. Negatively, it can every now and then symbolize sadness – as associated with the ‘blues’.
  • Purple: This is the color of spiritual success (especially in hoodoo) which is associated with growing your spiritual knowledge.
  • Black: Usually a color associated with sadness. Time to think more positively!
  • White: White signifies purity and virginity. Fresh starts are associated with this color. Innocence, immaturity or impoverishment of the feeling life are also connected. White symbolizes power and the reflection of the Absolute in life. White occurs both as an aggressive color, as well as the color of innocence. As a dream image, you should always remember that white is slightly soiled.
  • Brown: It is time to get grounded and be aware of the responsibilities in your life.
  • Pink: This means broken promises and a realization of the hopes, if not now, then certainly in a few months. Patience will help you rather than violence.
  • Burgundy: Great wealth is on its way including success and prosperity. You have great potential.
  • Beige or nude color: this represents life’s basic needs, the essentials that you need to survive.
  • Clear: dreaming of something clear or transparent indicates your emotions will be challenged in the future.
  • Rose: Its time to elaborate on the desire for lightness in love and passion in your relationship.
  • Gray: A slow period in the dreamer’s time is coming = new beginnings are going to be hard to move forward for a while.
  • A swirl of color / a wheel of color: Great joy, happiness, achievement. Dreams attained. Luck in money and love.
  • Gold: the golden color reflects your sacred rewards, can also show riches are coming, refinement and enhancement in your life.
  • Silver: helping others is going to become important to you also means justice.
  • Indigo: Means that you will have mysticism and divine protection. Can also mean deceit.
  • Peach: love with wisdom is on its way
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What do dreaming of color lights mean?

If you dream of a traffic light glowing green then this dream indicates that a situation will work out soon work out well, the color red shows danger in the future. Lights in dreams represent different things. To see multiple lights in dreams can be associated with communicating on my different levels.

  • A red light in the dream: review your project again.
  • A bright yellow light during your dream: an upcoming event that brings with it sorrow.
  • A green light in a dream: unlimited travel for a planned undertaking.
  • The light disappears in a dream: the minor prospect of disappointment, grief.
  • Flashing lights in dreams: caution is advised in a love relationship.
  • Light is switched off in the dream: the danger is over improvements in the present situation will surface.
  • There is no light in dreams: great news is coming in love, joy and happiness.
  • Lights changing color in your dream: shows a burgeoning love life.
  • Disco lights in dreams: if the lights change colors then there are possible disturbances in a relationship.
  • White light in dreams: pleasing gifts and spirit connection.

What is the prophetic meaning of colors?

I have covered many meanings so far but here I want to discuss the predictive factors of colors in dreams. will be surprised hearing the colors have both positive and negative meanings. The prophetic meaning of the color black is a double blessing. One would usually connect black to darkness or depression but when it comes to the prophetic meaning of this color it is positive. Here is the prophetic meaning of colors:

  • Prophetic meaning of Navy or dark blue: Wisdom and power over your enemies. You will feel invincible and untouchable.
  • Prophetic meaning of blue: Peace and justice will never leave your side. No matter how much someone will try to destroy your confidence and social image, the truth will always come to light.
  • Dreams in light blue and their prediction: You will reach a higher level of wisdom and experience enlightenment. You will challenge yourself and do things you never believed you’re capable of doing. You will be surprised by your new abilities and skills you never imagined you own because light blue is the color signifies a true warrior.
  • Prophetic meaning of red: Forgiveness, healing, and salvation are the main traits of this color in your dreams. The fire burning inside you will soon be distinguished by forgiveness and your soul will finally heal.
  • Prophetic meaning of Pink: It represents holy awakening, new birth, and purity. You will be revived and give your life a new meaning, a better one that will change your life forever. You will find your purpose for living.
  • Prophetic meaning of Purple: It stands for unity, the power of love and authority. You will meet your soul mate, fall in love, establish a profound connection with people you love and forgive the mistakes of your enemies.
  • Prophetic meaning of White: It denotes holiness, purity, virginity, absolute power, resurrection, and awakening. White is the color of God and if you dreamed in white, it means you’re ready to let the Lord inside your heart.
  • Prophetic meaning of Gold: This color represents golden heart, compassion, persistence, and patience. The dreamer should practice being more patient and persistent to create a golden heart filled with compassion.
  • Prophetic meaning of Silver: It stands for immortality, self-appreciation, wealth, perfect well-being and self-confidence.
  • Prophetic meaning of Green: It’s the color of grace and peace together with spiritual growth. To forgive means to forget and to forget means to allow yourself to grow spiritually and mentally. Otherwise, you die small.
  • Prophetic meaning of Yellow: It’s the color of the Sun, therefore, it represents warmth, compassion, and protection. However, we all know that the Sun can also burn us if we don’t protect ourselves somehow and hide under the shades. This means the dreamer should continue being good but stop allowing others to take advantage of their goodness and permissive character.
  • Prophetic meaning of Orange: It stands for mercy, forgiveness, awareness and doing what’s right no matter if it has a negative impact on our lives. The dreamer should reconsider their life values and perspectives.
  • Prophetic meaning of Brown: it stands for self-awareness and comfort. Seeing this color in your dream is a sign to stop feeding your ego and get down to earth. Stop focusing on the material and give your life a purpose.

What is the biblical meaning of colors?

Christian and Jewish scholars have come to the conclusion that dreams are a way in which Lord speaks to us. Here are the spiritual biblical meanings of colors in dreams. I know we have covered allot already but if you would like to focus your dream meaning in a biblical sense then please use my meanings below:

  • Black: It represents darkness, death, demonic deeds, sexual sins, mystery, and negativity.
  • White: It denotes loyalty, a double blessing, holiness, and justice.
  • Red: It stands for anger, blood, revenge, war, love, and hatred.
  • Green: It denotes growth, wealth, prosperity, but also ego, jealousy, and envy.
  • Blue: It represents emotional states like vulnerability, depression, regret, anxiety, and guilt.
  • Gold: It stands for holiness, glory, selfishness, and greed.
  • Brown: It indicates compassion, warmth, comfort, compromise, and understanding.
  • Yellow: It denotes hope, cowardice, fear, envy, and sorrow.
  • Purple: It represents authority, passion, loyalty, and royal blood.
  • Orange: It denotes perseverance, temptation, change, and progress.
  • Pink: It stands for the love of God, morals, and sensuality in waking life.

What does it mean to see an item a certain color?

Ok, I have covered loads on color but what happens when you see an object or item a color. Such as millions of red spiders in a dream? The color of a dream object or animal can be simply derived from past associations, something you had seen in waking life that the dream is recalling. For the most part, however, the color comes from an association with the effect it has on your nervous system and your emotions. Our relationship with color has formed as a part of the evolutionary process of the mind and therefore has a somewhat similar effect on all humans. If we can determine the effect a particular color has on us, then we can understand its “meaning” to us.

Final thoughts on color in dreams

Looking at spiritual research has shown that color can have a profound effect on our moods. For example, pink is soothing and healing. Orange is intuition-focused and energetic. If a particular color is prominent in a dream, it could indicate that you need that color’s energy for your chakras.  Are you opening up to new possibilities in your life? I urge you to be on the lookout for unusual colors or strange combinations such as distorted color.

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