Dream About Traveling – Meaning And Interpretation!

Dreams about traveling are common. At the heart of this dream lies one secret which I will share with you. In my research, this dream can often occur when you are undertaking a spiritual awakening, even a transformation.

I bet you cannot wait. You’re excited to be jetting off. But wait, this amazing feeling is in your dream. Oh no. I had to throw this in here. But, it is tempting to think that this dream is about a journey you may take in real life. Everything in your dream is symbolic of an aspect of yourself. The first goal: is to understand and learn what this “night travels” mean. How to open up the meaning so this can be used as a gateway to your own personal empowerment in life. I am Flo and I will help you make sense of your travel dream. To make this as easy as possible I have broken down each dream into questions. Just scroll down my dream meaning to find your answer.

Dreams of traveling can involve many “dream” props and often leave you in the morning wondering what it means. Maybe you could see yourself zigzagging through China or finding yourself on a safari among elephants, leopards. Traveling spiritually is all about an inner journey you are about to embark on. At a glance, this dream is a good clue to certain aspects of your life right now. Maybe you could see yourself traveling in a car, bus, train or getting on a plane with rotating propellers. I can reveal the following: everything in your travel dream is associated with an aspect of your life experiences. When you change your journey in the dream this is connected to enhancing your own understanding of life. My work over the last few decades has led me to determine that our mind and body are connected and awakened. Many people have contacted me about dreaming of packing bags, losing passports, taking a train journey, are you getting ready for a journey or carrying too many material possessions. I will deal with all of these in turn.

But the “travel” symbol in your dream suggests that you are connected to the direct levels of higher consciousness. Maybe you have been recently considering who you are as a human being and rediscovering hidden talents. To carry too much luggage on your person in a dream can indicate that you need to let any emotional baggage “go.”

What’s the general meaning of traveling dreams?

From a spiritual perspective, the dreams of travel can indicate your own physiological status in waking life. It can suggest that you are focused on moving forward as I have mentioned earlier. A journey is a symbol of transformation, a start, a symbol of risks and of course opportunities. There could be many things that crop up in your dream. To travel to a particular destination in your dream represents the path you’re currently walking in life and the actions you may take to determine your life goals. However, to travel and “get lost” in your dream also signifies your wish to escape reality and everyday routine. To travel by car in your dream symbolizes your movement in life. In other words, it represents your life journey.

If you’re carrying too much luggage, it means you’re holding on to your dead past that’s dragging you down. However, if you didn’t have any luggage in your dream while traveling and you felt free and easy, it denotes major changes in your perception of life and yourself in general. Buying tickets to a destination in a dream suggests you will experience something that will ease up and open your mind and soul.

What’s the dream interpretation of traveling abroad?

One of the most popular travel dreams is seeing yourself traveling abroad. I bet you cannot wait. You’re excited to be jetting off. But wait, this amazing feeling is in your dream. Oh no. I had to throw this in here. But, it is tempting to think that this dream is about a journey you may take in real life. I will say that spiritually a dream of traveling abroad indicates your desire to escape your current life and start a phase someplace far away from where you are at the very moment. I must confess I do sometimes think how wonderful it will be to just go away to the sea and sand and enjoy the weather and just simply relax. When I had a dream of traveling abroad to live in Australia it meant drastic changes in my real life. This is my message to you. I bet you already know what areas of your life. Your dream also suggests you expand your horizons, let your wild spirit guide you and open up to adventures. To dream of traveling to distant countries that you have never been to before reveals your wondrous spirit and desire to learn as much as possible about other cultures, religions, ways of life, and history.

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What does it mean to travel to a specific place?

To travel to a specific destination in your dream implies there is an important need to change your life in order to ensure that you approach goals better. What I call the “destination” is important. To dream of going to a hot climate can mean that you need to focus on feeling more inclined to help set your own goals. Dreaming of traveling to a cold country can signify mental barriers in your way. To dream of visiting a European country can indicate happiness and joy according to 1930s dream lore. As I said, pay attention to the destination you were traveling to in your dream. If you traveled to Africa, it reflects your desire to return to your rots and find out more about how you spiritually connect with others. To visit the rain forest or jungle in a dream can imply something missing in your life. You have many questions that are going to be answered soon.

What does it mean to dream of traveling to somewhere you have been before?

To dream of traveling to a previous destination that you have been to in real life (that you enjoyed such as a desert island, sunny beach, or another peaceful resting spot) the dream represents how you wish to return. Sometimes in dreams we feel that we have been to previous destination, to dream of revisiting the country or place can suggest that you may need to think about how you connect with people in waking life. He could simply mean that you need to communicate better.

What does it mean to dream of an unfamiliar place?

To go to an unfamiliar place in your dream can indicate your desire to take a break from your everyday routine. Going to an “unknown” country can imply that you’ve lost your path. I will now speak in symbolic terms. Take a deep breath. Pack only what’s necessary and hit the road towards your goals. Don’t think twice because your inner comfort depends on it. You now get my drift that dreams of travel are connected to your emotional state. If you traveled up a mountain in your dream, it means you want to escape from a problem for peace and quiet. Alone time is important for us to think. In the dream books that I have read on journey’s and dreams the occult dream meaning of an “unknown foreign country” represents your wish to overcome any unexpected problems. This dream predicts certain events that will occur soon. These situations will help you discover maybe exciting personality traits – that you didn’t even know existed. To dream of border control in a new country represents: self-perception, spiritual growth and unused potential that’s about to be released soon. You will do great things according to older dream lore.

What does it mean to dream of local people in a foreign country?

Maybe you were guarding your money belt, or walking through a bustling town with the mist of foreign language around you. This dream is about trusting those around you. Seeing foreign people in your dream is all about communication. If you can speak the language in the dream it can mean you must trust people close to you. To be scammed by people abroad (yes our greatest fear) in a dream can imply that you may be an easy target in real life. If your overseas trip in the dream ended up on adventures with local people this can just represent the appetite to travel in real life.

What does it mean to lose money or possessions in a foreign country in a dream?

Well, this is our worse nightmare. Losing our way, money or even a family member abroad. You might wake up and wonder what this is all about. This is the deal: this dream is all about your resources in the waking world. When we travel we often need to save money, get the currency transferred, gain travelers cheques or special credit cards. The whole thing requires planning. To dream of panicking due to losing something abroad in a dream is just a reflection of things going wrong in waking life. If you noticed $100 missing from your wallet or you lost your passport this can imply that you should focus on your own belief system and hopefully this dream might give you a new way to shape your mind.

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What does it denote to dream of carrying too much luggage?

Traditionally bags represent emotions. As you might assume, to dream of carrying too much luggage while traveling means you have a lot on your mind lately. I like to think this dream is focused on how difficult we find things and coping with elements of life. You must try to let go of the difficulties in life, and focus on the positive areas of life. In my view, carrying too many belongings in a dream represents your anxiety. If you wish to feel free and easy again try to meditate to uncover the problems you have in your life so you can address them. I do feel this is all about your emotions.

What’s the meaning of losing your passport in a dream?

I must say I have had this dream several times. If you were afraid of losing your passport in your dream, or you have already lost it, implies that you’re at a point in life when you are trying to uncover your true identity. Passports in dreams regarding traveling are all about aspects of ourselves. A friend consulted me not long ago, who kept having a dream of not being able to enter a country because she lost her passport. At that time, she was going through a divorce. What I am trying to say here is that the dream normally means your ready to face the unknown and start fresh. To start a new phase in life, you must let go of old problems, in some cases your own identity, however, that won’t happen until you stay true to yourself. This dream could also symbolize the mental barriers you’re about to cross over. Maybe someone’s trying to keep you close because of selfishness?

What does it denote to dream of obstacles that stop you traveling in a dream?

To dream of obstacles in your way (such as someone trying to stop you, unable to get on a plane, missing a bus) that prevents you from traveling indicates a clear path in waking life is needed. Think positive and hope for a positive outcome is the message if you found yourself “trying to travel” but for whatever reason being unable to.

What does it mean to dream of traveling by car?

Car travel is the most popular mode of transportation so I am not surprised many people contact me about this dream. Dreaming of the highway and driving along an open road (maybe to that soundtrack you enjoy!) in a dream can mean you wish to escape from something. A car with it’s soft down can indicate an improved sense of being. To dream of driving along the coast can indicate you will need to focus on your roots in life. To travel by car in your dream foretells your strength, self-esteem, and capability.

The car from a symbolic perspective is associated with your own travel (spiritually). This dream is allowing yourself to “enjoy the ride.” I will say, I feel travel in cars during the dream is connected to undertaking the right path, however, if you’re a passenger in someone else’s car, it represents possible naivety and blind trust (taken from old dream lore). To go on a road trip indicates that a person in real life is trying to control you for their own benefits but somehow you can’t see the real intentions behind “other peoples” actions. To dream of taking a holiday in a van or lorry (large car) can imply you will find a way to spiritually improve yourself as the mode of transport is large.

What does it mean to dream of traveling through an affluent estate?

To dream of traveling through an affluent neighborhood reveals your expensive taste, materialistic wants, and needs including, the fact that you are not selfish. However, it also represents positive survival instincts and attentive eye. This dream predicts a productive period, smart business choices, and profitable investments. To dream of large houses and mansions indicates you will be looking to start something important in life.

What’s the dream interpretation of seeing other people traveling in your dream?

To see other people traveling in a dream foreshadows your perception of others. I think that seeing other people traveling, maybe in a busy airport or train station means you need to focus on attention to details. And approach things differently.

What do dreams of traveling on a bus mean?

To dream of traveling on a bus symbolizes how you move through life. In life, we sometimes try to do things to fit with the crowd and “conform to society.” Why? Is the question if you dream of traveling on a bus, do you often travel taking the bus? If so, it could be a transition dream that is just associated with the symbols you see in daily life.

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Dreams of traveling by train? To dream of traveling by train signifies your life journey. The positive news is that you are walking the right path and you’re headed in the right direction. This dream also reveals that you could be worrying about a situation that will work out in the end. The message here is to stop worrying about unnecessary things.

What does it mean to dream of preparing to go abroad?;

To dream of preparing to go abroad doesn’t predict that you’re going abroad soon but denotes that you are encountering a “transformation” that you are passing through right now. Going abroad in a dream can somethings mean you are ready to take on changes in your life that will change you as a person. This dream implies you will become better and greater.

What does the road mean in a travel dream?

To see the road in a travel dream signifies the path you’re currently taking. The road could be windy, bumpy or even straight. This dream can be connected to life decisions and current objectives. Will they get you where you want to be? A windy road can imply a difficult path in life. If the road is bumpy this can indicate a new start.

What does flying mean in a travel dream?

To fly in a travel dream means you’ve set some pretty high goals and aspirations for yourself. However, you also have a good plan on how to make them true. To fly in a plane during your dream can imply moving towards a better destination in life. If you are free flying or floating this is spiritually associated with a new start.

What does being a tourist mean in a dream?

To dream of being a tourist implies that you are exploring unknown aspects of your personality. As a “tourist” generally focuses on discovering something new, this dream is symbolic. It can indicate that you are going to discover home truths about yourself. Keep the exploration!

What does traveling on a UFO in a dream mean?

To dream of traveling on a UFO indicates that you wish for something almost impossible to happen on its own. However, it won’t and you will have to find a way to make it happen. Your dream also denotes your fear of the unknown. Instead of fear, embrace the unknown. To dream of a UFO can often seem quite vivid. In ancient Persian dream dictionaries, a UFO indicates that your life is feeling that you might need to overcome issues and problems that you can’t resolve. Try to think about how you move forward and reduce the problems recurring. Traveling in a UFO, from a psychological dream perspective indicates that you need to think about your life and how you progress and move forward.

What does a USA visa mean in a dream?

To dream of a USA visa denotes your wish to accomplish your American dream as many like to call it when someone has big dreams. But poor planning won’t help you achieve this.

What does missing a connection signify in a dream?

To dream of missing a connection reveals your fear of disconnecting from your old world and entering a new phase of life. Don’t be afraid because change is always welcome.

What does getting on the wrong plane, bus or train mean in a dream?

To dream of suddenly being on the wrong plane, train or bus means you’re worried about your future. Do you really know what you want from life? Ask your heart and follow your intuition later.

What does a disaster mean for a travel dream?

To dream of a disaster while traveling indicates a possible danger in waking life. Watch your next moves and change your strategy. Otherwise, you will fail to accomplish what you’ve planned for so long. This dream also denotes your fear of failure.

What does it mean to travel on a ship in a dream?

To dream of traveling on a ship implies that you will take a long trip somewhere you believe your dreams will come true. You have to understand that your dreams don’t depend on the place you’re living but on your plans, courage, and determination to make it happen for you.

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