Car Accident Dream – Meaning And Interpretation

Driving aggressively can be extremely stressful. In the dream, the car accident is showing you how it feels to drive aggressively. Your blood pressure rises, your grip is tighter, your eyes strain, and you lose control of your thoughts. You end up getting there in no time. I want to share the secret meaning of this dream: That masterpieces take time.

I am convinced that this dream is about actually taking control of your time, distorting it, and manipulating it to make it your friend rather than your enemy. If you see a car accident in the dream it is about how to make a decision, how to control your urge for instant gratification, and how to allow your ideas, creations, and even your potential to come to fruition. Cars represent us, think of the engine as your brain. Each part of the car indicates your own emotions. The theme of this dream carries a powerful message. When you look back on the last five years of your life, do you remember feelings of hopelessness, frustration, injustice, or sadness? You bet I did. Do you remember what you did? Can you push past your limits or are you content to give up? In what ways have these choices impacted your life? The car accident dream is about your choice, let me explain further.

Yesterday, I drove to the store. The traffic was slow but heavy. I saw an aggressive, angry driver weaving in and around the lanes, speeding up or slowing down. This driver was clearly in a hurry. This weaving, acceleration, and risk-taking had cost him nothing, except maybe high blood pressure and some wear and tear to his car. He and I drove at approximately the same speed on average. We got there at the same time. You wonder why people drive like nutters and then just get there at the same time. What is the point of this? This is the point of your dream. Time. Mastering your own time, and being confident that you can have more. It is about rushing around.

Ask yourself this: Are you rushing? A car accident dream means you could be feeling out of control in your life or feeling like you’re on a collision course with someone or something. Your car accident dream should not be seen as a means of getting somewhere in life. I also feel that this dream is a warning to watch out for something or someone that seems harmful. Alternatively, this dream could be a sign that you’re in over your head or in over your emotional limits. If you’re experiencing a lot of stress in your life, this dream could be a manifestation of that. To get a better understanding of what this dream means for you, consider the context and other symbols in the dream.

What is the spiritual meaning of a car accident dream?

I have shared many important things with you so far. But, I want to reiterate that these dreams normally crop up when you are feeling out of control in life. The “car accident dream” is directly associated with helplessness in life and it is time for you to have more fun! Each year millions of people dream of a minor or major car accident. Equally, in 2013 around 54 million people found themselves in REAL car accidents. But what does it mean to dream of this? The symbol of a car is associated with your own drive, determination, and ambitions in life. The impact of dreams can lead us to think about our many paths (and ambitions) in waking life. The car is really a symbol of “you” and how you manage your life. The most common dream interpretation of a car accident is that you are out of control, worried about making an error, or your fear of being in a real accident.

Is this dream good or bad?

I believe this is a good dream to have. It is about feeling on top of the world, and getting control back. This is about unleashing the power and creating the life that you deserve. A traffic collision in dreams can sometimes result in injury, death, and also damage and this is no different in your subconscious mind.

Like a car, our emotions are made up of various parts. Similarly, for us to function at our best, our emotions must be in balance in order to function properly. A malfunction in one part of the car can affect the entire system. Emotions are no different. When one emotion is out of balance, it can throw off our whole system.

Think about it…when you are angry, what happens to your body? It causes your heart rate to increase, your blood pressure to rise, and your breathing to become shallow. Now think about what happens when you are happy. Your heart rate slows, your blood pressure decreases, and you take deeper breaths. You can see how different emotions can have a physical effect on your own body..Our emotions can often influence our mood and affect our own goals, I know that, and I am here to let you know that in the dream because the car was out of control it can show your emotions are all over the place. 

I’d like to say, that this dream can mean it is important to keep all of our emotions in balance so that we can function properly. Just as a car needs the right parts working together, we need all of our emotions working together in order to be at our best. When one emotion is out of balance, it can throw off our whole system. So, remember to keep all of your emotions in balance, so that you can function at your best!

In the spiritual world accidents (per se!) do not really occur. The probably disturbing vision in your sleep could (in some circumstances) can sometimes although rare indicate a premonition or alternatively warn you to drive more safely the following day there is something important to consider when analyzing this dream. I will urge you to try to drive safely after this dream which I am sure you will.

The famous dream psychologist from the 1930s Sigmund Freud often referred to accident dreams in his lectures. Many theories of Freud have been researched since his books, especially his theory that daily life images sometimes affect our dream state. Therefore, seeing an accident on the TV or computer could result in a dream of an accident. Carl Jung believed that accidents are connected to our own inner fear of obstacles in waking life.

Behind the wheel

Are you behind the wheel in your life? Are you being influenced by others? The position where you sit in the car is important in the dream and can give us more clues. If you are beind the driving seat then this points to power and is a great omen. Maybe you are wanting more control or you wish someone else will be in the driving seat for a change! If you are driving the car in your dream then this is about control. Are you lacking control? Is this the control of others? If someone else is behind the wheel it can show that you are out of control. 

Often, we feel that others control our every move and if you have recently felt like this then driving a car into an accident can occur. Being a passenger can indicate that you are taking a passive stance toward something in life. This could be managing your time better or alternatively that you are thinking about your relationship. If you are not driving but just sitting at the back of the car during the accident then other people are in control of elements of your life that you need to take back.

The road

The highway or the type of road that was featured in your car accident is important. A twisty road indicates that you might be looking for a sense of adventure. The road can signify your own personal associations and be the symbol of control. Sometimes a dream is a subconscious way we can all learn a lot from the past, or what lessons the past has to offer us. Driving on a straight road can suggest that you are moving towards a goal that may be challenging. This usually indicates the start of a new beginning but the accident in your dream illustrates that you are feeling obstacles in waking life.

These obstacles could be causing your goals and dreams to stall! In my dreams about car accidents, the road was always familiar to me. Seeing a road which you drive on can be a warning or alternatively suggest that through everything you will win. The road is also like a competition. Can you overcome the obstacles? Can you win? If the road was clear and no other cars were traveling before your accident then This dream is about the transition out of a dark or worrying period in life.

The time of day

The time of day when the car accident occurred in the dream represents more detail into the dream interpretation. Night: A car accident that occurred at night can illustrate that you are trying to end something difficult in life. In the day: this represents your own wisdom. The hours of the day also refer to our age in life and the day represents our youth! If the accident occurred in the day it could be related to your career, maybe it is time to find new beginnings and hope.

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Daily Car Usage

We all know that driving a car is like life and how we are the drivers. But to be honest, life is way more complicated than just driving a car. There are so many things that we have to worry. If you use your car daily then it is common to dream of car accidents, especially if you drive to and from work. This is important from a psychological perspective. There are a number of factors that might have resulted in this dream, as follows:

Lack of control

Are you in control? Control is hard to maintain. You can create the future you want by taking control of your life. Taking control begins with taking action and making the decision. While you may not be where you want to be right now, you can get there by taking small steps each day. Getting closer to your goals is something you can do every day. Think of control as power. You have the power to control what you want this is the spiritual message to get back in the driving seat in your dream. I have touched on this previously, but car accidents in many psychology and dream books denote a sense of feeling out of control. This dream is about control!


An accident in real life automatically puts one into a state of confusion in shock. This feeling is supposed to protect us from any emotional pain or hurt that we are currently feeling. This is no different in the dream world. A car accident could be a symbol that you need to be protected from a difficult or problematic time. This could have been experiences of the past alternatively experiences forthcoming.


Many people contact me to ask if they are in danger of having a car accident – after having this dream. I am sure you may be wondering if to make your normal journey this morning. I will say that this dream is normally symbolic and does not mean it is really going to happen. But I must say this. There is a small chance that the “spirit” has sent this dream to you to protect you against a possible accident. This has happened to me before.

You need to decide for yourself (in your gut) if you feel “ready” to drive after having such a dream. Car accidents where people are hurt in dreams can be somewhat a shock and jolt us into worrying worry about real-life driving. Often it is coupled with the feeling of frustration or loss of control. Only YOU can decide if you feel this way and if this is a scene from your future. I do feel that after experiencing a premonition of my own car accident (via a dream) that the dream prepared me to manage the car. I won’t go into specific details about what happened to me as this dream is about you, but I will say, drive carefully after having this dream and meditate as you should feel if the dream is really a message from above.

Pile Up – Multiple Cars Involved

I know that in any context a pile-up is a chaotic and devastating scene, usually involving multiple vehicles. In the dream, the pile-up can be caused by a variety of factors, such as bad weather, poor road conditions, or driver error. A pile-up can have serious consequences, including injuries and fatalities, if people were dying in a dream this can indicate transformation. While it is a frightening dream, I do feel is important to remember that most people involved in a pile-up will survive. The key to this dream is to focus on staying true to yourself. The pile-up is about what drives you in your life. If the pile-up involves lorries in the dream it is about activating what is important. I’m here because I believe that the forces in your dream and the cars represent your internal drive.


This resides in our body and from a psychological perspective because of something that has happened in our past. Sometimes in dreams car accidents occur due to a psychological problem from an abnormal situation.

I will now go over the most popular car accident dreams:

There are many different types of collisions that can occur in the dream: rear-end, head-on collisions, rollovers, or driving into an object – such as a building or water. A smash-up can often indicate that there is something excessive in life – especially if you were driving at excessive speed. The cause of the accident is also important. Normally, this might be due to a driver’s error, or some object may crash into your car. Seeing your own car in an accident (on very rare occasions) can mean you do indeed need to drive safely.

What does it mean to dream of a car crashing into another car?

I want to share something important with you. If you dreamed that you crashed your car into another car, I feel you’re feeling out of control in your life. This could be due to stress, pressure, or a challenging situation you’re facing. The symbol of the car crash is about how you feel things might be crashing down. This dream is about how we deal with stress. Stress is connected to this dream, I also feel this is a warning to watch out for something or someone that seems on the surface harmful. If you have any concerns about someone or something in your life, it’s important to trust your instincts. I also feel that the car accident dream is about taking action accordingly.

What does it mean if you dream someone crashed a car into yours?

Many dream symbols were believed to be real by some schools of thought, including Freud’s and Jung’s. The psychological factor means that something crashing into you means there is something that is crashing into your life.  Whenever you have a dream about someone you know causing a car accident, it is important to look for themes and connections between your dream and your waking life. Take a moment to consider your feelings, thoughts, and associations in regard to the person causing the crash. If you dreamed that a person you don’t know crashed into your car it could mean that you feel like you’re on a collision course in waking life. I know that we may try to remain strong in life. This could be due to a conflict in your relationship or disagreement over something important. Have you argued with anyone recently? If you have any concerns about someone or something in your life, it’s important to trust your instincts and take action accordingly. Dreaming about crashing into an oncoming car illustrates that you are feeling tired, restless, and worried about the future. There is a focus on new beginnings but this will take some time to plan. You have got this —- and you can change this!

What does it mean to dream of a car accident when you are not hurt?

If you dreamed that you were in a car crash but no one was hurt, it could mean that you are feeling like you’re in over your head or in over your emotional limits. We all have these challenges, I know that. Everything challenges us sometimes, and we find it hard to cope. This dream could be due to stress, pressure, or a challenging situation you’re facing. I also believe the dream could also be a warning to beware of things or people that might say the wrong thing. 

What does it mean to dream of someone in a car accident?

If you dreamed that someone else was in a car crash, this could be a family member of loved one and they were injured, it could suggest your fear of them being hurt, especially if you know them. If your child was in the car this could indicate that they are reaching a milestone. If you do know the person in waking life this could be due to conflict in your relationship or disagreement over something important. I also feel this dream carries a warning to navigate this relationship better. 

What does it mean to dream of a fatal car crash?

In your everyday life, each dream symbol can help you better understand yourself and identify what needs to be addressed. It can be quite daunting to dream of a fatal car accident. Not long ago I dreamed of a pile-up, and clearly, this was around how I was feeling at the time. If you dreamed that you were in a car crash and it was fatal, people maybe did not survive it could indicate hope and transformation. Yes, I do believe this is a positive dream. A car accident can help us see where life is causing stress or affecting our emotions. 

What does it mean to dream of a car hitting a bus?

To see a bus crash represents something more spiritual. As buses usually carry multiple people at once, they can be seen as symbols of community and togetherness. Life’s journey can also be represented by buses. Like a bus, life takes us on a journey from place to place. We may not always know where we’re going, but the bus will get us there.

Finally, buses can represent change. Buses typically take us to new places, which can represent positive change in our lives. If we’re feeling stuck, hopping on a bus can help us get moving again. So next time you see a bus on the road, remember the dream of the car accident on a deeper level. It just might be the sign you need to help you along your own personal journey. We all know that buses are large and lumbering vehicles, so a bus crash can in dreams mean a major life event that has left you feeling overwhelmed and out of control. It can be a sign that you need to slow down and be more careful in your pursuits.

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If you see your own car smashing into a bus in your dreams, it may also be a sign that you are on the wrong path in life. This is a great dream in my view, it is a warning to make changes sooner rather than later, or else you may find yourself in a very difficult situation. If the bus was on fire during the dream which I have experienced many symbolize passion and excitement in your life. Fire is a great dream symbol. It can be a sign that you are finally pursuing your dreams, or that you are about to embark on a new and exciting adventure. I’d also like to turn to older dream dictionaries which state that you must beware of false friends if you have this dream. If the fire is consuming the bus or car in a dream it is about your dreams and how you can ensure you are on the right path.

To dream of surviving the bus crash dream is about your personal relationships, I’m sure you know that relationships experience ups and downs. This dream could indicate that you are trying to free yourself from the influence of “people who try to control you.” In personal relationships, the bus can represent attempts by someone else to control you because of it’s size. 

Dreams about hitting a stationary car

This dream is connected to our inner feelings about risking something in life. Driving or hitting a stationary car can indicate that at times people will turn to you for advice. I am inclined to interpret the stationary car as a sign that you might need to slow down and take stock of life, or maybe a message from the universe to pay more attention to their surroundings. Ultimately, the stationary car that is hit is about staying still in life. Have you stayed still? 

Dreams about crashing a car into a truck

There’s no truck like your mind! You won’t be disappointed with it, and it’ll get you where you need to go. Anyone who wants to succeed in life should own a motivational truck. The beast is big, it’s powerful, and it’s always ready to take on whatever challenges come it’s way. Let your motivational truck take you wherever you need to go when you’re feeling low and need a boost. It will be worth it. Trust me, this is what the dream is about — making sure you have motivation going forward. To dream of a truck indicates difficult times in the future, especially if you crash a car into the truck. A truck moving in one’s dream can be a problem that needs to be declared. There needs to be a strategy that you are developing.

Dreams about trying to escape from a car accident

When we are encountering an accident (in real life) we go into survival mode. It is like we are sitting in life patiently and the car coming towards us unexpectedly smashes into us, this is exactly what it means to escape a car accident in life. There are certain things that arouse how the ability to survive. I know myself after encountering car accidents you suddenly go into survival. In a fleeting moment, you could potentially (in the dream) be able to lift a car, this is due to the adrenaline around your body! This sense is known as flight or flees instincts and escaping a car accident indicates you are escaping some dramatic and complex situation in real life!

Dreams about others who have caused a car accident

If someone you know caused the accident in a dream this can mean that you need help to recover from a “difficult” situation from your past. The person that caused the accident could be known to you or may present themselves as a stranger in your dream – and this can often signify that you unexpectedly rely on other people.

Dreams about avoiding or preventing a car accident

Avoiding a car accident indicates that you will need to focus more in the future. Swerving out of the way of an accident in the dream indicates a close encounter with danger in waking life. There could be a goal or issue that you need to sort out with another problem. The accident itself could be a clue that patterns are changing. If you try to prevent a car accident this can indicate that you are trying to recognize people who are oppressive and controlling. Generally, we don’t often understand the sense that someone is trying to control us. Preventing a car accident can mean that you are preventing trouble in daily life.

Dreams about seeing a car accident

If you witnessed a car accident in a dream this is connected to a goal that has not been achieved. This is out of your control. It could mean that you missed out on a job, your goals are not focused or that you are thinking about breaking up with someone.

Dreams about car wrecks

If you see car wreaks or multiple cars piled up then this can connect to a feeling of panic. Similarly, dreaming that you are in the middle of a large collision can be repressed emotions about something that is important. To be behind the wheel during the dream can indicate that you are in control and that life has taken the shape of a roller coaster.

Dream about driving off a bridge

To dream of driving off a bridge into the water can spiritually be related to new beginnings. The fact the bridge is high indicates a change is coming. This will be despite your endless resistance and you need to decide what you need to take with you in order for a new phase of life to materialize. If you dream that the car actually flew through the air then this can be common. It can indicate that you need to relax more.

Dreams about dying or that you died in a car accident

Don’t worry. I know when you wake up this dream might freak you out. It is all to do with change, transformation, and new beginnings. In a dream, this symbol can indicate that it is time to let go of the past and move on to something new. I bet you agree that at times things need to come to an end, but that this ending is necessary in order to make room for something new to begin.

If you die in a car accident it can be interpreted as a call to action. It may be time to think and make real changes in your life. The death in the dream can also indicate that it is time to let go of your fears and doubts and to embrace change. This may not be an easy task, but it is one that is necessary in order to move forward. You can do it!

If you are facing a difficult situation, dreaming of dying in a car accident can be a reminder that change is inevitable. It is also a reminder that, although change can be painful, it is often necessary in order to create something new and better. In some cases, the symbol of death can also indicate that it is time to end a relationship or situation that is no longer serving you. This does not mean that you should necessarily end any relationships, but rather that you should evaluate each one to see if it is truly benefiting you. I hope that resonates with you.

Finding that you die in a car accident in a dream (like you are out of the body) can suggest the ending of something in real life. It can represent our own unconscious mind and that we need to think about the areas of our life where we need to relax more!

Dreams about someone who died in a car accident

This can be a terrifying dream. Dreaming of someone who has died in a car accident can contain a message for you to decode. My first question is: who was this person in your dream? Did you know them? What is relative? The actual person can be an indication you’re going to receive the difficult news which has shocked you about them.

The dream could be a message to the person in your dream. If somebody that you knew or alternatively somebody he was featured in your dream. Dreaming of a loved one dying in a car accident can be somewhat traumatic, I know myself that when I have such dreams I worry about that particular relative. If you feel very strongly about the dream it might be worth possibly telling them about the dream and the fact that they need to drive more carefully.

If your dream contained emergency services and there was people trying to save someone’s life due to an accident then this can suggest other people are going to come to your aid. If there was someone in the car while you were driving and an error caused an accident then this in dreams illustrates that we are feeling unsafe about a certain situation. This could be financial or alternatively related to your career.

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Dreams about a girlfriend/wife dying in a car accident?

Have you been worried or puzzled about your girlfriend? And, wondering what is going on? Why are they acting like that? If you have pondered about certain instances in your own life, especially in regard to relationships, then it is common to dream of your girlfriend in a car accident. When a loved one actually dies in a car accident this indicates that you might need to let go of something in life.

Dreams about a boyfriend/husband dying in a car accident?

Dreams when it involves our boyfriend can be interpreted in many ways, but if you see your boyfriend killed in a car accident, it could mean your feelings are going to be all over the place for a while. It could be that your relationship is no longer as fulfilling as it once was, or that you’re ready both ready to move forward. The dream may also represent your fear of losing your boyfriend, or of being alone. I do feel it could be a sign from your subconscious that it’s time for a change.

Dreams about a car flipping over

Think of the term «flipping over a new leaf.» In general, this dream is about starting fresh or making a change in their lives. So, if you’re looking for motivation to make a change in your life, here’s something to think about: The only person who can control your destiny is you. It can’t be done by anyone else. If you want something badly enough, you have to be willing to work for it. But we both know it won’t be handed to you on a silver platter. Making a change can be scary. It’s natural to feel some trepidation about the unknown. But remember, you’re the one in control. You can do this.

Think about what you want to achieve, and make a plan to get there. Set small goals that you can realistically accomplish, and then work your way up to bigger ones. Celebrate each little bit along the way. So, I feel that it is time to be patient, and don’t give up. It’s going to take time and effort, but it will be worth it in the end. Trust me, flipping over a new leaf can be one of the best things you ever do for yourself and this is why I believe you had this dream — to flip a new leaf.

What does it mean to dream about a child getting hit by a car?

Unraveling the mystery of seeing a child hit by a car can come from our deep inner child. Specifically, remember, that this is a dream and that the symbol of a child could be something you care about. If you are a parent in real life it could be a common “fear” dream. Even though our childhood upbringing “cultural morals” and injustices happen. This can erode our own beliefs. The answer of what this dream means can be hidden in the details of the dream. If the child was hit by you (when driving a car) can mean that you feel out of control in an aspect of your childhood. It could indicate painful memories.

What does it mean to dream about a hit-and-run?

Are you hitting your goals? Are you running away? A hit-and-run featured in a dream can indicate reckless behavior. It can also be symbolic of “escaping something important” in your current life. Hit-and-runs are morally not right. Is someone else doing something morally wrong to you? In many jurisdictions around the world, there is an obligation to stop when there is an accident.

If you find yourself in a dream, and you are unable to stop or you’re too scared to wait for the police this can signify that you are trying to remove yourself from something difficult in waking life. If you face the consequences of being hit and run (maybe being arrested) then this implies a cancellation in life. The hit-and-run in dreams generally indicates your own mental state. If anybody was killed or injured during the hit-and-run this means you may be going through some difficult times at the moment.

What does it mean to see a car accident due to driving into water (Ocean, river etc)?

Dreams about driving into water are extremely common, this is due to the fact that water carries a significant amount of power from a spiritual perspective. Water featured in a dream of danger indicates that your own emotions are being challenged. Noah built the ark to survive the flood of water, floating on water in a dream can mean it’s time for a new change. To find yourself in a car that is sinking is often connected to your own emotional state. To see stormy or deep water during the dream can indicate that you are out of reach from difficult or turbulent times. Watch yourself being plummeted from a height into the water can indicate that you will observe some difficulties going forward.

Dreams of driving into a lake or river can suggest that you will need to piece together some elements in order to make “positive changes” in your life. If you suddenly find that the car is swallowed by the water it can signify the rising and falling of your own emotions. Being immersed in water can generally be quite a nightmare and on a more positive note, water stabilizes us. And, to dream of driving into the water can mean you are trying to take back control.

Dreams about drowning in a car accident:

This is a very uncomfortable dream, to say the least. Dreams of drowning are connected to how we survive on a day-to-day basis. There is a chance you may be hurt in the future and that you are feeling as if you are being “swallowed” by emotion. Drowning can often signify a fear of your own emotions. Being in a car accident and then drowning suggests you are feeling overwhelmed. Water points to our own inner struggles for the fact that you are trying to fight for what you believe in may feel that you are in danger in this dream have often been classified as an anxiety-type dream by many dream psychologists such as Freud.

Drowning can also indicate you may be facing some turbulent or difficult times in the future, remember that it is just a dream and that we can never die or be hurt in our dream state. If you see yourself in a car going underwater then this illustrates that you are going to be moving towards “more focus” in life. Water is connected to rebirth and also how we interact with others. When you dream that you actually die of drowning in a car accident, this is connected to your own subconscious mind. Such a dream can illustrate that new more important times are on their way drowning has often been referred to a phase of being reborn.

Car accidents can often be hidden symbols of our “own” anxiety. These worries can be due to an unfortunate event alternatively something that you regret. It is not uncommon to have a dream of a car accident when there is something really challenging you in life. I like to refer to these challenging times as a storm, if a storm has hit your life and potentially everything seems up in the air then this dream often occurs. There are many different elements that may come into play during your car accident dream.

What does it mean to dream about driving a car into a tree?

This dream indicates that you are not feeling grounded at the moment. The tree in dreams is associated with how we interact with others and how we wish to get out of a difficult problem. Trees have been regarded as spiritually significant since time immemorial. A tree is often seen as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds in many cultures. They are often regarded as symbols of strength, grounding, and stability. Growth, fertility, and abundance are also associated with trees. Trees are often used in the Bible to symbolize God’s provision and protection. Adam and Eve found food and shelter in the trees of the Garden of Eden. God’s presence was symbolized by the burning bush to Moses. And the tree of life was a symbol of eternal life in paradise. Several pagan and shamanic traditions emphasize the importance of trees, so taking all this spiritually to crash into a tree in your dream could indicate that it is time to connect to nature.

In summary, encountering a car accident in a dream is often associated with control, problems and recklessness in life. This dream meaning would not have come into fruition without the many thousands of people that have shared their dream experiences and insights with me, so thank you my users. For 20 years I have studied dreams, and, I like to think I am a bit of a vivid dreamer, and I have had this dream a few times in my life. The damage of the car accident is equally important. To make an error on your part during the dream can indicate that might be moving too fast in situations in waking life.


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